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Using A War Vet The Right Way In Afghanistan

The British armed forces have uncovered a new approach to effective us of war “vets” that, most probably, makes more sense than dispatching more soldiers. They are sending “vets” to rural areas of Afghanistan in order to work with goats and sheep. Captain Miles Malone, an Army Vet has become a local hero to Afghan farmers for his work in improving the quality of their animals. In just seven months in the field, Malone has worked with over 800 animals and opened a series of rural veterinary clinics. As Malone notes, “these animals are basically the bank accounts of the farmers. Some of these goats are worth $70.. so they are economically important to farmers.”

Malone has discovered that most Afghan farmers lack knowledge concerning animal diseases, and do not even know how to improve the quantity and quality of milk production. “Having the opportunities for a vet to come down and deliver medication and also advice to these local farmers has been a real win.

Perhaps, there are other ways than shooting to defeat the Taliban.