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“Crime” In Iran- Buy Wine!!

Roxana Saberi, who has worked for BBC but had her accreditation taken away two years ago entered a shop and purchased a bottle of wine to have with dinner, but to Iranian authorities a foreigner who drinks wine is most probably part of a plot to overthrow the morals of young Iranians. An Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson said Saberi has been arrested for being engaged in “illegal activities” and had continued to work even after her press credentials were taken away. Her family did not hear from her for weeks but she finally called her Iranian born father in North Dakota who made public the fact his daughter was being held in an unknown place due to her “criminal activities” in having a glass of wine at dinner. Of course, most observers do not believe the wine was the cause but was more likely the pretext to arrest a woman with an Iranian heritage.

Ms. Saberi went to Iran a few years ago to pursue graduate work on Iranian Studies. The Iranian government has an unusual ability to blacken its name just when there are opportunities to reach out to the United States and the European Union and re-establish relations. Which idiot in the Iranian government actually believes arresting an American citizen for purchasing a bottle of wine is going to enhance his nation’s ability to forge positive relations with the Obama administration?