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Facebook “Revolutionaries” Rebel By Singing Songs!

The “notorious”revolutionary group, the “6 April YOuth Movement” which was formed on Facebook, challenged the integrity of the Egyptian government by gathering last week to celebrate the 56 anniversary of the current Egyptian state and singing songs. Little did the group know the acts of singing songs and flying kites and laughing and singing on a beach would be construed by the Mubarak government as violations of the safety and integrity of the nation. Garanl Eid, of the Arab Network for Human Rights, said security forces arrived at the scene of the “revolutionary group” and the young people “were beaten by plains clothes security personnel and taken to Al-Raml Police Station where they were referred to the prosecution which accused them of assembling, hampering traffic and attempting to topple the regime.”

It is rather strange that a group of young people on a beach who are singing and flying kites could somehow “hamper traffic” and be involved in a plot to overthrow the government. Most probably the Mubarak government knows it is losing the support of young Egyptians and fears that somehow Facebook will become a center of activism which will somehow lead to revolutionary demands like free speech and free elections. Perhaps, President Mubarak might get into Facebook and move his face in the direction of learning from youth how to foster democracy.