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US Reputation Hits Record Lows!

In the heady days of the spring of 2003 as American troops ripped apart the inept Iraqi army, the dynamic trio of Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush insisted America would do what it considered the right thing regardless of what the rest of the world desired. Right wing pundits disparaged “bleeding heart liberals” for their concern about world opinion. A new report from the House of Representatives gives ample evidence of the madness of Bush policies to go it alone. Rep. Bill Delahunt, described world public opinion of America has reached record new lows. “Our physical strength has come to be seen not as a solace, but as a threat, not as a guarantee of stability, but as a source of intimidation, violence and torture.” The record of torturing prisoners and taking pictures of such behavior has become known throughout the world. Delahunt states bluntly that America has depleted its ‘moral authority” in the world.

Bush unilateral policies in war and torture and brutality are now known in the world. His arrogant manner of speaking to those who disagree with his views are resented. His heavy handed behavior in dealing with the Israel-Palestinian conflict has angered most of the Muslim world. Unfortunately for America, his legacy will not quickly be eliminated.