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Scotland Yard Can’t Contain Race Discrimination Claims

Scotland Yard is facing a serious situation as charges of discrimination continue to erupt from Black and Muslim police who are upset at recent decisions of leadership to bring charges against minority officers. Race relations hit a new low when the Metropolitan Branch of the National Black Police Association (NBPA) said it had lost all confidence in leadership of Britain’s largest police force and described the decision to suspend Commander Ali Dizael from duty is the culmination of a “sustained witch hunt.” Mr. Dizael who is head of NBPA is facing three separate investigations into allegations concerning his conduct, including a claim he fabricated evidence. Sources close to the Iranian born officer say he strongly denied any wrongdoing and is expected to be vindicated.

The move to suspend Mr. Dizael was the latest in a series of charges brought against Asian members of Scotland Yard. Tarique Ghaffur, who held the number three position in Scotland Yard was suspended for claiming there was discrimination in the police force.

Perhaps, it is all a coincidence that two prominent members of Scotland Yard who happen to be of Asian background are now suspended. But, it does raise questions.