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British Neo-Nazi Convicted Of Terror Plan

Neil Livingston was convicted of planning a large scale terror plan that would have caused the death of many people if carried out, but like so many self-appointed petty minded individuals who was better at getting drunk than actually implementing his screw ball ideas. Mr. Livingston was caught when found urinating on a train. Police discovered a huge arsenal of bombs in his home that he wanted to use in killing Asians. In the process of developing plans to halt terrorist attacks, the United Kingdom is discovering that neo-Nazi anti Muslim groups also pose dangers for those who want democracy to succeed. Police discovered a notebook entitled, Waffen SS UK Members” as well as tennis bombs that could have resulted in the death of many people.

Mr. Livingston is an incompetent bumbler who inhabits a fantasy world in which Nazis arise once more and fight to drive out the hordes of “Asians” instead of “Jews.” He regards himself as a defender even as he assaults other humans. The question to pose is — why do these Neo-Nazis in 2009 admire the ideas of a philosophy which resulted in the death of ove a million people in the United Kingdom?