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Racism In British Police Decried By Asians And Blacks

Black and Asian members of the police charge that many specialist squads are “closed shops” which are dominated by white middle-aged men who prefer those similar to their point of view that a good policeman works hard, plays hard and drinks a lot of alcohol. A new report: “Police and Racism: What has Been Achieved 10 Years After the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry? identifies continuing problems of racism including low retention of ethnic minority officers. About 6.1% of ethnic minority officers quit or were sacked in 2007 after less than six months of service compared to 3.1% of their white colleagues. A black officer who applied to work as a race and diversity trainer was told: “I’ve got my black one.”

The report also notes continued prejudice against gay officers. The famous Stephen Lawrence case involved the murder of a black man by a gang of young white men and police approached the case from the perspective that Lawrence somehow had provoked a gang to kill him.

The continuing halt and search of blacks and Asians in England continues, but it is even worse when one considers prejudice impacts who can become a member of the police, and once hired, what are opportunities for advancement.

Heck, Prince Harry goes around calling people “Paki” and “Raghead” so why should anyone expect anything different from members of the police?

Chirac’s Vietnamese Daughter Denounces Racism

The adopted daughter of former French President Jacques Chirac sharply condemned violence against people of Asian heritage in France. She was upset because the deaths of two Asian women who were stabbed and left on the streets appeared to be of slight interest to the polcie or the media. Anh Dao Traxel was adopted by the Chirac family when she arrived in he 1978 exodus of “boat people” and has spent most of her life in France. She demanded a thorough police inquiry into what she termed as blatant racism. “i am very shocked. These young women were killed like dogs.” The two women were found in the central district of Paris in the 11th district, an area with a large immigrant population as well as fashionable bars and nightclubs. “The French political class and the media should not be silent. They should react with the same energy as when the victims are Jewish, North African Arabs or Africans.”

She believes the crimes were racist in nature and is upset at the lack of interest in such crimes against Asians by her nation’s media. She is also upset that President Sarkozy is not more angry at violence against those of Asian backgrounds.

The police have promised to conduct an inquiry.