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Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Delays Return

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) has decided not to return to Zmbabwe to contest the run-off election against President Mugabe due to reports of an assasssinatin plot against his life. His spokesperson, George Sibotshiwe, said’ “We have received information from a credible source concerning a planned assassination attempt.” On Friday, US Ambassador James McGee told the BBC he had evidence that the police and military had been involved in “pure unadulterated violence designed to intimidate people from voting” in the election which is now scheduled for late June. Opposition leaders and human rights activists have seen hundreds of people beaten.

Last year, Mr. Tsvangirai was arrested and tortured by the police which required him to receive hospital attention. Ambassador McGee told reporters “too many people have been killed, too many people have been mainmed, too many people have been dislocated from their homes.” Too many nations have stood by idly while Mugabe carries out his policies that oppress his own people. Where are the leaders of Africa?