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Where Is The Cheapest Place To Live? Asuncion Anyone?

In a world of conflict, disease and economic disasters impacting people, many are wondering where on this planet is the safest place to relocate. If money is of concern, stay clear of Tokyo which is deemed the most expensive location among large cities, but there is always the cheapest place to go, Asuncion in Paraguay. The cost of living index by Mercer takes into account a variety of measures such as housing, food, clothes, transport, clothing and transportation to arrive at the list. If you seek a nice middle range place to hang your shingle, try Istanbul which now ranks 53rd in the world.

Of course, there don’t appear to be outstanding religious conflicts in Paraguay which is mainly Catholic and the people would certainly welcome money from Protestants, Muslims or Jews as long as these groups don’t bring along their racial and religious conflicts. An unknown factor this year arises from rapid decline in housing prices caused by economic decline. Who knows, you might wind up commuting from Istanbul to Asuncion and still have some cash left over for goodies.