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Do Iraqis Deserve Asylum?

The Swedish government is confused as to why there is an uproar over its decision to return some former residents of Baghdad to their homes in that lovely city by the banks of a nice river and plenty of sunshine throughout the year. The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, for some strange reason believes there is violence in the fair city of Baghdad. They even claim people in Iraq confront some sort of violence in their nation. I believe former President George Bush made clear that violence in Iraq had ended due to his famous “surge” and anyone could walk the streets of Baghdad in safety. Heck, when Senator John McCain visited the city last year all he required were a few helicopters flying overhead and some soldiers to walk along side of him when he took stroll. Why can’t these damn asylum seekers hire a few helicopters and some armed men when they go out shopping?

It is time Iraqis realized there no longer is any violence in their land. The Swedish government is convinced, George Bush is convinced, John McCain is convinced, why not simply repeat a dozen times, “there is no violence in Iraq.” and there will be none. Sorry, you asylum seekers have a mental problem, not a physical one.

Is It Always Illegal To Help Illegal Immigrants?

Mikel Storsjo, a Finnish business entrepreneur has been active in the fight for human rights. He confessed to being the man who smuggled into Finland fifteen Chechens who have been seeking a country to offer them asylum against the brutality which reigns in their nation. Finnish border police are familar with Storsjo whom they believe has previously helped illegal immigrants to enter their country. Storsjo admits he has helped those who seek asylum and has never hidden his actions. The refugees are technically Russian citizens so they do not need a visa to enter Finland.

Refugee experts argue that border guards should know that the entry of an asylum seeker into Finland is never illegal even if it takes place in an unregulated manner, and, even with false papers. Most probably the Chechens will be allowed to remain in the safety of Finland.

UK Sends Asylum Seekers Back To Torture!

During the past two hundred years, England has been a symbol of among the few nations which have offered refuge to those seeking protection from abuse and death. Karl Marx was welcomed to the merry island a hundred fifty years ago and spent most of his remaining years protected against arrest because he was in England. However, something has changed from that noble view of being a refuge to the oppressed of the world. An investigation by the Guardian newspaper reveals the British government is sending asylum seekers back to the nation they fled in fear of being tortured or killed. The estimated 10,000 Congolese who escaped the horror prevalent in their nation are now being returned. Last week, a flight carrying 33 refused asylum seekers landed in KInshasa where some would undoubtedly fall into the clutches of the secret police and be sent to torture .

Nsimba Kumbi was sent back to the Congo. He was beaten, tortured, and even forced to have oral sex with a guard. “The government in Congo views Congolese people deported back home from the UK s enemies.” As guards beat him they claimed he was a spy. Such was the fate of a young Congolese whose crime was to be engaged in political activism and seeking to create a democratic Congo.

Karl Marx must be turning over in his grave as the current behavior of England to those who fight against authority.

What Has Happened To British Humanity For Refugees?

Throughout the past two hundred years asylum seekers from all corners of the globe always knew that Great Britain would open its arms in welcome for those who needed refugee from tyranny. Karl Marx enjoyed the protection of England against German officials. But, today, the Home Office made clear it would ignore last minute pleas from asylum seekers for a chance to get support from courts. The British government has hired a charted plane to take back to brutality or death people who had come to England in hope of respect for their rights. According to the Home Office, it may, “in line with enforcement operational instructions, decide not to defer removal in the face of a last-minute threat or application to seek permission for judicial review.”

Supporters of Nigerians who fear returning home believe the Home Office letter was intimidating and a threat of action regardless of the need for further study. England has hundreds of thousands of immigrants but according to the Home Office a few hundred more will undermine the nation.

Denmark Will Control Asylum Seekers

Historically, an asylum seeker was an individual who fled his native country due to fear of being imprisoned, beaten or killed. Many nations welcomed such individuals and allowed them to find peace and security in their midst. The Danish government is proposing new legislation which will compel asylum seekers who were initially denied the right to reside in Denmark to wear a monitored electronic ankle bracelet in order to keep tabs on their movements. Ordinarily, if an asylum seeker poses a threat to security or has committed a serious crime their application is denied. Some are allowed to remain in Denmark with a “resigned residence” permit if they face retribution back in their homeland.

Modern concerns about security and feelings toward terrorists suggest wearing ankle bracelets may not be the worse manner in which to treat someone who seeks security in another land. The real question is why someone is denied asylum but still allowed to reside in Denmark.

Asylum Seekers Face Deportation

These days in Europe, virtually every nation has a political party or movement whose goal is to rid the country of all them “furriners.” Denmark has been a haven for hundreds who are seeking a port of refuge in a world that looks askance at anyone who stands up for human rights. Unfortunately, the asylum seekers reached Denmark only to encounter the problem of having their requests turned down for permanent residence. Denmark’s government is unable to force Iraqi asylum seekers to return unless they can arrange an agreement with the Iraqi government to allow their return. The Danish ambassador is now working on such an agreement.

Once an agreement is reached it will only be a matter of days before these Iraqi refugees are back in Iraq. Some of the Iraqis who will be returned have been in Denmark for years and the prospect of returning to the war torn land is anything but welcome news. A few hundred human beings, a land of millions, but apparently no room for generosity of spirit.

Immigrant Issues In Hungary Symbolize New World

Among the most critical issues confronting industrial and post industrial societies is their need for immigrants to handle the dirty jobs of life, but the ongoing prejudice of populations against foreigners. Several days ago, refugees at the Bicske integration center in Hungary, held a demonstration before the UN’s refugee office in Budapest to protest against conditions in the camp. Most of the refugees are asylum seekers and those seeking a new life in Europe. Part of the problem of refugee centers is bringing together people from diverse backgrounds who share nothing in common other than desiring a job in a European country. Last week fighting broke out over, ironically, the issue of access to Internet. Over a dozen people were injured in the fighting.

As refugees enter European nations, the cost of their maintenance is not always welcomed. Social workers and psychologists have to be hired in addition to medical staff so when government feel the need to reduce costs, a refugee center invariably is among their initial targets. UN officials believe the Hungarian situation is all too common– asylum seekers lack access to quality medical care, they are unable to work to provide for some necessities of life or even have enough money to travel around seeking work. Food may be nutritional, but it usually is not the food they are accustomed to back in their homelands. The UN also believes language issues and communication invariably become problems between refugees and host nations.

Perhaps, it is time to examine the issue of the 200,000,000 refugees who currently are working in nations other than their own on a much broader scale and identify key issues that must be addressed by host nations.

Immigration To Norway Soars To New Levels

The number of people seeking asylum, or immigration to Norway has reached new heights and its immigration agency(UDI) is barely being able to cope with these demands. Norway is suffering from a severe labor shortage and needs immigrants which has compelled the UDI to process applications in order to meet work demands. There currently are 100,000 foreigners legally allowed to work in Norway which is up nearly 30% from last year. As many as 60 new asylum seekers are arriving in Norway every day and UDI director, Ida Borresen says by the end of this year the asylum total will reach nearly 15,000. She says asylum is being granted to at least 40% of applicants.

Norway is confronting the reality of lower sized families and the need for immigrants n societies entering 21st century post industrial situations. The United States needs its “illegal immigrants” because post industrial societies do not wish to deal with various types of work. At least Norway is openly and honestly dealing with reality.

British Judge Blasts Brown Government Asylum Policy

A senior British judge accused his government for its deliberate policy of forcing members of the judiciary to deny asylum seekers of an opportunity to obtain a right to remain in Great Britain. Justice Stephen Sedley, a member of the Court of Appeal, said the Brown government is forcing judges to return people to “torture and death” by imposing harsh policies regarding the right of obtaining asylum. He is particularly concerned about a rule which requires a judge to automatically dismiss any asylum seeker the possibility of remaining in Great Britain if he/she used a false passport to escape their country or origin. “Many people fleeing persecution,” noted Sedley, “have no option but to travel on false papers.”

The Brown government, for some reason, has adopted a harsh and inhumane approach to the rights of asylum seekers. There apparently is some belief within the Labor Party that anyone who leaves a brutal dictatorship must do it legally and openly. As Justice Sedley notes, this attitude, is not the “proudest moment for humanitarian protection.” The case of Ms. Mkenda has been cited. After her husband and children were killed by rebel forces and she was raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo, she fled the country using a false French passport. Exactly what does Gordon Brown think she should have done– ask the rapists for an official passport?

British Security Abuse Asylum Seeker

During the past two hundred years, Great Britain has been host to thousands of asylum seekers from Karl Marx to those fleeing Nazi Germany. For some reason, under the current Socialist governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, there has been an increase in examples of those seeking refuge in the UK of being physically abused. Stephanie Toumi has her request for asylum turned down in April and was fast tracked to be sent back to Cameroon from which she had fled after being tortured and abused by a tribal chief. On her plane flight back to Cameroon, two British security guards kicked her and held her head down for over an hour. When the place touched down in Belgium, local officials refused to allow her to be placed on a plane for Cameroon since Ms. Toumi was unable to walk without aid of a wheelchair.

This is not the first case in which asylum seekers in Britain have been assaulted by security personnel. Isn’t it time to restore the greatness of Great Britain as the home for all who are oppressed?