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British Asylum Tribunal — A Tale Told By Three Idiots

There is a group in Great Britain whose name is the “Asylum Board” who undoubtedly have won this year’s award for stupidity and ignorance. At a time when the Taliban rules over half the country, when British and American soldiers are killed every week while on patrol, the Asylum Idiots have ruled the level of “indiscriminate violence” is really not a serious problem in Afghanistan and anyone should feel perfectly safe if sent back home. They have rejected appeals by Afghans who currently are in the UK in order to escape violence back home. HUH! “NOT DANGEROUS?” Please inform NATO and American troops there are no problems in Afghanistan that might result in death. After all, the Idiots delight know more than anyone back in Afghanistan.

According to Refugee and Migrant Justice, the decision is now going to make it “very difficult for people from Afghanistan seeking asylum in Britain.” Just imagine, someone sent home next week arrives in winter weather and heads home to their village which is now run by the Taliban. I assume the Asylum Tribune believes they will be welcomed with a feast. On which planet do these three judges live?