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Pepper Police Halt Wedding

World economies are in serious trouble due to actions by wealthy financiers, but on their wedding days we surely do not expect to witness the entry of police to put a halt to festivities. In the city of Malmo in southern Sweden, a man and woman decided to get married at the City Hall and several friends were in attendance. Suddenly, the door of the wedding bureau office burst open, and police rushed to grab the groom, they fired a pepper spray into his face, placed him in handcuffs and dragged him off to the police station.

The police justified their action on grounds the prospective groom had applied for asylum and his request had been denied so “we knew they were going to the city hall. We had to act before they performed the ceremony.” Actually, according to the Swedish Migration Board, even if he married a Swedish citizen it would not effect his application. He was gone.

Wouldn’t life be great if police burst into the offices of Goldman Sachs, pepper sprayed the guys in charge of money and dragged them off to jail?

Canada Will Aid US Army Deserters

During the Vietnam War, Canada was a place of refuge for many deserters from the American armed forces who refused to engage in a war they considered to be immoral. The Canadian Parliament is presently considering a bill that would allow American and other war resisters to obtain refuge in their country. The bill allows military deserters to remain in Canada if their refusal is based on sincere moral, political, or religious objections.

There are thought to be about 200 American military deserters who have come to Canada to avoid service in Iraq. Canadian immigration authorities currently refuse to grant asylum which has resulted in the need for legislation by parliament.

Norway Welcomes Immigrants

At a time when most nations of the world are imposing restrictions on immigrants, Norway is reaching out to encourage refugees to seek a home on its shores. The immigration service of Norway is even publishing what some critics term a “recipe” for winning asylum in the country. Asylum seekers can obtain a higher score if they are homosexuals or if they come from Iraq and face dangers of death at the hands of militants. Immigrants are being encouraged to be part of a woman’s network either in their own land or as part of some international group.

Not only is Norway offering immigrants an opportunity to find safety in its country but government officials are reaching out to Norwegian towns and urging them to provide housing and other benefits in order to assist newcomers secure an affordable life in Norway. The Norwegian approach stands in sharp contrast to that of many other nations

British Home Secretary Says Safe For Gays In Iran

British Home Secretary Jacqi Smith expressed the view that gays and lesbians in Iran were not under any form of physical danger as long as they made certain no one knew they were gays or lesbians. In one of the most remarkable statements by an individual whose duty is protecting the rights of people, the Home Secretary came out with the shocking viewpoint that innocent people should hide their real identities in order to avoid being killed. Ms. Smith admits that gay and lesbians are not exactly welcome in their country, but they really will not be harmed if they just learn how to behave in the right manner. She opposes granting asylum to an Iranian gay on grounds he is in no fear of danger back in clerically run Iran if he only acts in a “discreet” manner.

Ben Summerskill of the gay organization, Stonewall, retorted; “You only have to listen to people who were terrorized by the Metropolitan Police in the 1950s and 1960s to know that telling gay people to live discreetly is quixotic.”

Gay and lesbian activists estimate about 4,000 gays and lesbians have been executed in Iran since clerical forces assumed power, but Ms. Smith believes the figure is lower. Regardless of whether it is 4,000 or 3,000 or 500, the figures indicate life for gays and lesbians is not safe, regardless of how discreetly they live.