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Is “So Help Me” Enough?

Cecil Bothwell is an ordinary man who has never accomplished anything dramatic in his life. He decided to run for the Asheville City Council and was elected. At his swearing in ceremony, he held up his right hand and swore to uphold the US and North Carolina constitutions, but never said the words, “so help me God.” He also made certain his other hand was not on a Bible. Wow! The unknown man is now a known man and his face and story will shortly appear on newscasts as well, most probably, of his being the center piece of stories by Rush and Glenn and Bill and other sundry spouters of moral correctness. Bothwell has already been accused of being “Satan’s help” and a man who is into “bashing religion.”

Actually, Bothwell is a Unitarian who waves Confederate flags and is proud of his Southern heritage. Cries already are being heard to disqualify him because the state constitution disqualifies anyone who “shall deny the being of an Almighty.”

As Mr. Bothwell so accurately notes, he really will not consult God on whether there is a new parking meter on Main Street or should Amber Avenue be repaved.

G.I. Atheist Sues Army Over Forced Religion

An American soldier, together with the Military Religion Freedom Foundation, is suing Secretary of Defense Robert Gates over the issue of forcing member of the military to attend sessions at which the Christian religion is propogated. Spc. Dustin Chalker argues he has been compelled to attend mandatory military formations where Christian prayer groups do their work of telling soldiers about the benefits of being a Christian. The Foundation recently uncovered videos which depict missionaries who were embedded with the American military urging the assembled soldiers to do their work of spreading Christianity among Muslims. They videos also show missionaries handing out Darsi-language bibles to Muslims.

In itself, this may not be the most grievous error of the Bush administration during the Iraq war, but it is symptomatic of the ineptness of those in charge of the American armed forces. To actually believe an American armed force is helping to deal with terrorists by handing out Bibles speaks volumes of the ignorance of Bush and the other fools around him. The Muslim world has been complaining since day one of the Iraq invasion that America is simply another “Crusader” sent to spread Christianity. The videos prove this view has a foundation in fact.