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Is There An Angel In Your Christmas?

British Atheists already have launched a rather successful poster campaign which informs the public that ‘Probably No God. Now Stop Worrying” and have pushed the Christmas button one more time. A new book entitled “The Atheists Guide To Christmas” has quickly risen to the top of book selling charts. It offers a Christmas version which does not include mangers or crosses or little boys being born to virgins.

Ariane Sherine, who help begin the poster campaign on buses noted the new guide contains input from many sources, including comedians. She argues, “Virtually all the comedians I know are atheists.”

I hope the Old Man up in the sky also has a sense of humor. If not, Ms. Sherine and her companions in atheism will be experiencing thunder flashes at their homes.

Is There A Religious Bias In America’s Military?

The United States military is theoretically free of bias toward any one religion, but it certainly is biased in favor of religion. The Justice Department is attempting to dismiss a case instituted by a soldier who believes the military by fostering religion discriminates against those who do not have religious beliefs. The government is also arguing the Military Religious Freedom Foundation has the right to sue about discrimination against atheists. Spc. Dustin Chalker says he was compelled to attend military formations where Christian prayers were given. The Justice Department insists he could have requested to be excused from such formations.

Reality is the difficulty for a soldier to ask permission to be excused from formations. Such a request would anger the sergeant and place the person requesting it to be subjected to extra duties as well as other harassments.

Freedom Of Press Challenged In Turkey

The Turkish publisher of the best-selling book by Richard Dawkins may wind up in court for daring to publish a book written by an atheist. The prosecutor is investigating whether to charge publisher Erol Karaasian with getting out a book that supposedly incites religious hatred and insults religious values because Dawkins questions the existence of a God. As of this date, the book has sold about 6,000 copies in Turkey.

It is actions such as these which endanger the possibility that Turkey will be accepted into the European Union. The assumption of the Turkish prosecutor is that it is forbidden to insult religion, but perfectly legal to insult those who are atheists. As far as it is know, no Muslim author of leaflets and publications which preach hatred toward Jews or advocate suicide bombing which results in the death of innocent Muslim men, women, and children, has ever been threatened with inciting hatred or violating religious values. One assumes killing children is not justified under any ground in the Muslim religion. This incident also makes one wonder if the Turkish government has better things to do than pester a book publisher who sold 6,000 copies in a nation of millions. If Turkey does not accept European Union standards of freedom of speech and the press they will never be admitted. So, which is it–worry about a book selling 6,000 copies or get into the EU?