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Speaking English New Requirement To Kick Soccer Ball

The idiocy of Great Britain’s new point system which determines if an immigrant can enter the nation was illustrated by introduction of an English-speaking test for immigrants. Under the new regulations, South African, African and other non-European footballers will be barred from joining Premier League clubs. The new Engllish-speaking test, covering everyday phrases and simple conversation forms a part of a package of tougher rules for skilled immigrants from outside Europe who seek work in Britain. Immgration Minister Liam Byrne argued: “Our new point system means that British jobseekers get the first crack of the whip and that only skilled immigrants we actually need will be able to come.” Byrne insists that footballers and other sport people should not be exempt from the regulations. “It is a basic requirement that they have some command of English.”

Perhaps, Mr. Byrne might take a trip to the United States where numerous major league baseball players from Latin American are swinging bats, throwing balls and lack much command of the English language. As far as I know, throwing a 90 mile-an-hour baseball to a hitter does not require knowing how to speak English. It is in the wrist, not the mouth.