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OOps,There Goes The Planet!

In 1945, American and British scientists had developed a new “atomic bomb” which was going to be exploded in the desert. Scientists from many nations at Los Alamos discussed the coming explosion with fear since some argued using this new weapon would result in literally blowing up the world. In the end, the decision to proceed was made, the atomic bomb went “boom” and the world still was in one piece after the explosion. A woman in Germany is concerned at work of the European Organization for Nuclear Research which has developed an atomic smasher that seeks to replicate the initial explosion that created the universe. She fears if they find “God’s Particle” the result is we all wind up in Heaven with God.

A German constitutional court denied her request to halt atomic research on grounds she was “unable to give a coherent account of how her fears will be carried out.” She is most probably wrong about the atomic-smasher, but then again………