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When Will Republicans Ever Learn?

The Republican party was dealt a defeat this past November by the American people and one message that was sent is the fatigue felt by most people in the United States over divisive politics which focuses on personality rather than ideas. Over the weekend, the American media reported the story of Chip Saltman, who seeks to assume leadership of the Republican party and sent a DVD entitled, “Barack The Magic Negro” which was a compilation of songs critical of liberals and entitled, “We Hate The US.” Mr. Saltman’s defense was the songs aired on the Rush Limbaugh show which he apparently believes makes them valid in content or form. He argued anyone would understand the songs were satirical and were not meant to offend anyone.

Once upon a time, the Republican party was led by outstanding individuals like Wendell Wilkie, Thomas Dewey, Robert Taft, and Dwight Eisenhower who believed there was a conservative political and philosophical response to liberalism. They did not believe to be a Democrat meant an individual was less of an American. But, today, the Rush Limbaugh mentality associates difference of opinion with treason. Rush believes his ideas embody what is necessary in this nation.

The nation’s economy has collapsed, most are disgusted with Bush ideas on foreign policy, but to some Republicans the answer is mocking the president and their opponents with smears about not being loyal Americans. We all recall how George Bush denounced anyone who denied the right of the president to do as he wished as being disloyal Americans. Fortunately, Barack Obama will not get into the dirt and filth of the Rush Limbaugh wing of the Republicans party. As Saul Annuzis, Republican party chair in Michigan said of the DVD: “in my opinion, this isn’t funny and it’s in bad taste.”