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Iraq Refugees Threatened By Lynch Mob In Sweden!

Nearly half the Iraqi population of the town of Vannas which is located in northern Sweden have decided to leave because of fear to their lives. One Iraqi told a newspaper, “I thought that Vannas was the perfect place for us. And there are many, many friendly people here. But, we still don’t dare to stay. I’m seriously concerned about my children’s safety.” The Iraqis were frightened when a crowd of 50 young people gathered outside the apartment building where they lived and chanted hateful comments. In addition to making threats to the Iraqis, they also threw stones.

The weekend of horror in which families lay on the floor in fear of being stoned finally resulted in a decision to move elsewhere. The police are upset at the decision of refugees to leave because they claim it interferes with their investigation. Police do not believe it is a racial matter but stems from a group of young people, who for one reason of another decided to congregate in front of a building containing Iraqis and shout racial comments.

Supposedly the dispute arose when a group of boys confronted a refugee boy about an assault on a girl. They shoved him around, but there was no serious injury. Actually, over a hundred residents came out in support of the refugees and urged them to remain, but about 40 of the 70 refugees have decided to leave.

Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Of Staff Says Military Prepared For Iran Attack

Michael Mullen, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told reporters the United States armed forces was prepared to handle any potential conflict with Iran because “there is more than enough reserves to respond(militarily) if that, in fact, is what the national leadership wanted to do.” Mullen also told the press he had not uncovered any evidence so far of Iranian military weapons being furnished to insurgent forces in Afghanistan although Bush officials continually claim that is happening. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who also appeared at the press conference, warned against the proposed Armenian genocide resolution in Congress and warned about a negative Turkish reaction. “I don’t think the Turks are bluffing.” He also expressed concerns over private contractors in Iraq and thought they were seriously damaging the interests of the United States.

Perhaps, Admiral Mullen knows about the presence of additional military forces, but, at present, the American military is stretched thin. The American people were told by prior Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld the attack on Iraq could easily be handled by a small armed force. Now, Mullen and Gates are claiming we can handle Iran with existing forces. What if an air and naval assault then required land forces in Iran, how could we organize such an assault with existing numbers in our Army and Marine Corps? isn’t it about time the Bush administration spoke honestly to the American public by telling them an air attack on Iran would also require instituting a draft system?