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I Am The Law, Insists Mugabe!

President Mugabe of Zimbabwe with each passing day is transforming himself into a caricature of every crackpot petty dictator known to the cinema or the literary world. At points, he struts on the stage of power like a second rate Benito Mussolini, and other times, he is a poor version of Joseph Stalin. On his return from the AU meeting, he was greeted by thousands who knew it was better to cheer him than to appear disappointed he was still alive. “I am the president of the Republic of Zimbabwe and that is reality he told the crowd.” If the Movement for Democratic Change refuses to accept that reality he warned, there would be no dialogue with its leaders.

Failure on the part of the African Union to take a strong stand and either suspend Mugabe from the organization or to impose sanctions, have made this two-bit petty dictator believe he is immune to any form of opposition. The cowardly AU even refused to appoint an impartial mediator to deal with the Zimbabwe situation even tough opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, denounced President Mbeki of South Africa for his tight friendship with Mugabe.

Zimbabweans Seek Asylum In US Embassy

The recent meeting of African Union leaders represents one of the greatest betrayals of Africans in history. The timid and frightened leaders of African nations welcomed a thug and murderer to their meeting by the name of President Robert Mugabe even as hundreds of people gathered outside the gates of the US embassy in Harare seeking refuge from thugs and bullies who are assaulting anyone who opposes the dictatorial rule of Mugabe. A woman holding a toddler said in a plaintive voice, “I need to go out of this country, I don’t feel safe.” A man who had done polling work for the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) said he was targeted by thugs of the ruling Zanu-PF because he supported the candidacy of Morgan Tsvangirai. A woman told reporters a month ago the Zanu PF people came to her house, accused the family of backing the MDC and burned down the house.

African Union leaders are now urging Mugabe to discuss with Morgan Tsvangirai some sort of agreement, but Tsvangirai knows at this point Mugabe is negotiating from a position of strength after having driven 200,000 people from their homes and obtained a presidential victory in voting which was assured since he was the only candidate still left standing.

The Security Council will issue resolutions, there will be economic sanctions, and bans on travel but the megalomanic Mugabe will cling to power until he is dead because the welfare of Zimbabweans is the last thing on his sick mind.

Botswana And Kenya Rip Mugabe

The summit meeting of the African Union has become a battleground between those nations which are infuriated with the disgraceful manner in which President Robert Mugabe has abused the people of his nation and the recent farce which went by the name of an “election.” Prime Minister Raila Odinga of Kenya wants Mugabe suspended from the African Union while Botswana introduced a resolution which stated “it is our considered view.. the representatives of the current government in Zimbabwe should be excluded from attending Sadc(South African Development Community) and African Union meetings. The session became embroiled in differing views between those who seek to force upon Mugabe a national unity government and those who want him out of the organization in order to make a statement about brutlity and oppression of people.

A problem with asking Mugabe to form a national unity government AFTER he won the sham election is it enables him to negotiate from a position of strength. Had the AU forced this prior to the election, Morgan Tsvangirai would have been in a stronger position to fight for equity in a national unity government.

Elections — Zimbabwe Style–Dish Out The Corn!

Robert Mugabe has been president of Zimbabwe for nearly three decades during which time he has completely wrecked his nation’s economy, made half the population unemployed, and forced millions to flee in search of a decent life. Mugabe is once again running for president but he ran into a problem when his Finance Minister, Sima Makoni, turned against him and decided to run for president. Makoni has asked members of the ruling Zanu PF to stand with him in opposing the dictatorial rule of Mugabe. But, in the world of Mugabism, opposition is not something to be taken lightly. Makoni supporters are encountering threats of violence and there is blatant vote buying. In the town of Masvingo, a government minister dstributed free sport kits to children and in western Zimbabwe, people recieved 50kg bags of corn meal.

The nations of the African Union have stood by silently while fellow Africans are abused and threatened without saying or doing anything. The least members of the African Union can do is to send election observers into Zimbabwe and try to protect the rights of people to enjoy a free election.

State Department Foot And Mouth Disease On Kenya

The Bush adminisltration constantly proclaims its commitment to democracy and the rights of nations to pursue their own destinies because our beloved president does not wish to repeat the failed policies of Bill Clinton’s nation building. Kenya is in the midst of a crisis and former UN Secretrary General Kofi Annan is hard at work to find a compromise solution. However, Jendayl Frazer, Assistant Secretary of State for Africa recently commented: “We’ll find an international mechanism if they can’t find it internally(within Kenya).” Of course, the US embassy in Kenya, immediately contradicted the Frazer comment. T.J. Dowling bluntly stated, “The U.S. has no plan B and an intervention plan will certainly not come from us. However, the UN and the African Union will intervene if major problems occur, but that is a very long shot.”

The only certainty about a Bush foreign policy in any area of the world is that at some point contradictions regarding his goals will emerge. One is left with the impression no one is ever in charge at the State Department. Annan is handling the situation, the least Bush people can do is to remain silent and let the man do his work. If George Bush had a brain he would have invited Annan to the Annapolis Conference and tried to use his talents in resolving the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Of course, one must always remember George Bush promised, if elected, not to follow the Clinton nation building approach to foreign policy.

The Tangled Mess Of Sudan And Darfur

The tangled mess of Darfur and Sudan continues with factions battling one another and themselves. UN – African Union, efforts to bring together various factions continue running into one obstacle after another as thousands die. The joint AU-UN team is trying to get people talking rather than fighting. The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and the Sudan Liberation Army(SLA) are not only opposing one another but within their own ranks several factions have broken away to create independent power groups. JEM Chief Ahmed Tugod Lissan said if they want us to come to peace negotiations, they have to remove the other rebel factions. He also accused the UN and AU of siding with the Sudan government. Meanwhile, the SLA head Abdallah Yehya said he needed time to get things straightened out among the various factions within his own group before there could be meaningful dialogue.

Some factions also object to having Libya be the site of meetings since they don’t trust its leader, Gadaffi. “Libya is not a neutral place,” said SLA commander Jar-el-Neby. But, another rebel leader, SLA chairperson and founder Abdel Wahad Mohamed el-Nur, who is supported by many people in Darfur, said he would not attend any meetings until UN forces are deployed in Darfur. It is quite clear confusion is the only constant in the morass of Sudan and Darfur. As these factions and interest groups argue and refuse to talk, thousands of people continue dying in Darfur. In a sense, the dying are the ones who should be at the negotiating table, but they will not be heard anymore than peace is present in the quagmire of Darfur.