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Aussies Say Not To Afghanistan

President Barack Obama has based his new “initiative” in Afghanistan on the assumption other nations will join in the effort to defeat the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Recent polls in Australia which has contributed its armed forces to the struggle in Afghanistan suggest public opinion in that nation are turning against fighting in the hills of a a far off Asian land. Public opinion was narrowly divided over whether to support the fight in Afghanistan, but an overwhelming majority opposed sending any more Australian soldiers to fight. Sentiment against any further military involvement was stronger among women than men.

Barack Obama is an optimist to believe sending 17,000 more troops or 4,000 to train the Afghan army will work. If we learned anything from experiences in China during the 1940s and in Vietnam during the 1960s it was that only a government which enjoys the support of its people can defeat terrorism. There is need for an HONEST Afghan government led by men and women who are committed to ending corruption if “more troops” will be the magical solution to success. Sending 17,000 “more troops” to support the Karzai government is sending more money down the rat hole of corruption.

Aussie Green Party Urges Republic

The Green party of Australia is proposing that in tune with the 2010 election there should be an opportunity to vote whether or not the people of the nation prefer being a republic and cease having an official connection with the United Kingdom. The Australian Republic Movement chairman, Michael Keating, said it is time to move toward cutting official connections with the monarchy and creating a republic which is completely Australian. However, Australians for Constitutional Monarchy say it would be a waste of money since most Australians prefer having a connection with the monarchy. Mr. Keating argues it is time to forge an identify beyond being an “appendage of somewhere else.”

Most Australians still respect and admire the Queen but waiting in the wings is Prince Charles and his loony children like Prince Harry who goes around insulting Asians and thinks it is perfectly OK to wear a Nazi armband to a party. Of course, his grandmother witnessed the death of hundreds of thousands of British citizens by men wearing such armbands.

Most probably, this is a storm in a teacup and creating a republic will not lead to significant change other than a mite bit of pride.

Aussies’ Have Loose Lips

Australia will not intervene in the case of one of its citizens who currently is in jail in Kuwait for insulting the emir of the country. According to her daughter, Nasrah Alshamery does not even know the name of the bloke who is in charge of the nation. Perhaps, we can assist in this case by offering some remarks the emir might consider more insulting than those said — or not said– by Mrs. Alshamery:
“Say, who is the guy who runs this place?”
“I hear the guy who runs Kuwait is really Jewish, it that true?”
“Did anyone know the word “emir” spelled backwards is “rime?”
“Is it true that Kuwaitians are really very impatient people like the emir?”

Thai-based Australian professor, Harry Nicolaides, has been jailed in Bangkok since August, 2007 on charge of lese-majeste” for making a negative remark about the Crown Prince. What would I have to do to get jailed for “more-majeste?”

I guess it would be wise for this writer to stay clear of Kuwait or Thailand. It’s too bad the Thailand Crown Prince and the Emir of Kuwait aren’t like Prince Harry who goes around insulting we commoners without any punishment. How about those monarchs being given a few hours to insult Nicolaides and Mrs. Alshamery?

Australian Student Work Receives Millions From US

Student assignments from the University of Wollongong were used as part of scheme to deceive the United States government into believing it was funding futurist thinking. Dr. Masoud Samandi says he went to work for a high-tech company in Arizona– Materials and Electrochemical Research Corporation, and had false claims submitted to win research grants from the US Department of energy as well as from NASA. In order to obtain a particular grant, Samandi claimed he had built a sophisticated “filtered and arc deposition system–when the so-called system was only a photograph of a system he had created at the University of Wollongong in Australia and drew upon work done by university students.

The Justice Department claims some grants were given on the assumption a venture capital firm would be part of the grant process. Unfortunately, there was no such venture capital company named Southwest Investment Partners.

We inhabit a world in which an entire nation gladly goes to war over non-existent WMD so why should anyone be surprised if government agencies fund products that didn’t exist or regard the work of university students as equivalent to cutting-edge research? Welcome to the world of Bushmania when any nutty idea is viewed as brilliant.

Seek Ban On Topless To Protect Muslim Sensibilities

A Conservative Australian MP is proposing to ban topless bathing in order to protect the sensibilities of Muslims and Asians who are not accustomed to being on beaches where people are nude. “Our beaches should be a place where no one is offended, whether it’s their religious or cultural views.” He argued Muslims and people from Asian societies come from countries where women do not engage in topless bathing and most women wear a lot of clothing. ” MP Fred Nile said: “I don’t want to have any provocations or disturbances on our public beaches.” He argued if topless bathing is allowed what is to prevent women from going around in the nude.

There is always a thin line between respecting the cultural views of minorities and allowing national norms to be operational. The problem with Mr. Nile’s proposal is that most Muslim societies would not allow bikini bathing suits or the showing of cleavage which is so common on most Australian beaches. Or, is he arguing since many Muslim women wear heavy clothing than all Australian women have to wear heavy clothing on beaches? Frankly, fundamentalists whether Muslim or Jewish or Christian will always be offended by the current bathing attire displayed on many beaches in the world.

If one chooses to live in a multicultural society then one must accept certain national norms. In the United States army I ate ham, pork and bacon despite being a Jew. One adjusts to the reality of life in a multicultural society. All views in reality can not be respected or accommodated. That may not be fair but it is reality.

Facebook Hate Continues Bothering Aussies

Australia has been concerned in recent days over a rash of racial hatred comments appearing on Facebook that come from residents of the nation. Many are demanding action from Facebook about the continued racist comments directed at various immigrant groups. Among the comments that appear daily are:
‘Speak English-You are in Australia”
“F— Islam”
“Get the F— Out”
“I hate Israel”
“Respect Australia or F— OFF”
“I cannot tolerate the South African Accent”

There is no doubt individuals on Facebook are spoiling for a cyber fight in which day after day hateful language is expressed in hope of generating interest in the web site. Many comments undoubtedly come from racist minded people, others come from those who enjoy stirring controversy and getting people to their web site. The worst thing to do is ban these people, the best thing to do is allow them to spew their filth. Eventually, their stupidity will become obvious to most people.

Aussie School Explains Student Anti-Semitism

School officials at the Scots College in Sydney, Australia, had a sigh of relief when it was discovered their students did not use school computers in order to present anti-semitic material on Facebook. Not only was the school innocent, but they pointed out there are scores of web sites on social networking sites with comments such as “Aussie Pride! Love it or GET THE F— OUT!” Scots College Principal Ian Lambert blamed TV programs like South Park for encouraging young people to be sarcastic and make derogatory remarks about groups of people. He proudly boasted, “We cannot substantiate any activity by current or former students in relation to this matter.” However, he will meet with students charged with posting the anti-semitic material to discuss possible punishment like not being allowed to have membership in their Old Boys Union.

It should make school officials happy their computers were not used in sending out insulting comments about Jews. The severe punishment of not being able to belong to the Old Boys Union undoubtedly is equivalent to sending these poor boys to prison. I gather this means no more drunken orgies or hanging around the place making anti-semitic remarks. Oops, I forgot, the remarks are made away from school grounds which means the school has no responsibility.

Aussie Students Believe Holocaust Was A Joke

A group of Australian students who attend an elite private school in Sydney have received an education supposedly designed to enable them to engage in critical thinking, but apparently somewhere along the way, their moral compass got lost. Students at the prestigious Scots College created a Facebook site called, “Jew Parking Appreciation Group” which is linked to another site of Scots students which contain postings that include, “support Holocaust Denial,” and link to an Internet site which states “F— Israel and their Holocaust Bullshit.” The clever young men had what appeared to be Arabic writing in an attempt to blame everything on Muslims. There is evidence girls from the exclusive Kambala school were also involved.

One of the bright young men defended his actions on the ground “we have Jewish friends and girlfriends.” What is one to say about these poorly educated snobs who believe the world belongs to them and they can insult and degrade humans because they come from the “right family” and are attending the “right school.” Perhaps, the schools might compel the spoiled brat rich kids to watch five hours of life in Nazi death camps. It would be just punishment for some morally brain dead brats.

Australian Muslim Leaders Charged With Condoning Rape

A report by the Islamic Women’s Council of Victoria in Australia, says some imams perform polygamous marriages and apply sharia law when it benefits men but not when it benefits the rights of women. The report was rejected by the Victorian Board of Imams, but the Islamic women’s group charged some imams told women seeking divorce they must leave with “only the clothes on their back” and not seek support or a share of property because they can get welfare payments. The report was commissioned and funded by he prior government of prime minister John Howard. The report is based on extensive interviews with police, lawyers, court workers, and academics as well as discussions with the Victorian Board of Imams.

The report apparently is based on extensive discussions with key people in the Muslim world of Victoria and can not be lightly dismissed as coming from a group of women who wish to make trouble. The study claims polygamy is increasing among Muslims as well as more underage marriages. The Board of Imams denies all allegations.

Australia’s New Sex Party Adds Sex To Politics!

Australia has a new political party whose goals are in line with modern thinking by advocating a little more sex in the lives of people. In sharp contrast to right wing conservatives who deny reality, the sex experts want a national sex curriculum in schools and recognition of gay marriage. According to Eros head, Fiona Patten, “we’re concerned about the Australian government becoming nanny state.” She had hoped Kevin Rudd would be more open to ideas, and was shocked when he termed photographs of nude teenagers as “shocking.” Ms. Patten also expressed concerns about a government proposal for a national Internet filter that would block about 10,000 web sites.

The Chinese government blocks web sites it deems offensive because they express ideas about freedom, the Iran government does not want its youth accessing 5,000,000 web sites that offer a variety of ideas about life in the 21st century and now Australia is concerned that people will access information about sex. One can be against pornography without denying the right of those who enjoy it their right to pursue what attracts their interest. Government has no place making decisions about personal human interests.