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Is George Bush Really That Dumb?

The Republican Party, which in past years, had intellectuals such as Henry Kissinger or Theodore Roosevelt, has been transformed into the party of Sarah Palin and George Bush. Palin doesn’t know Africa is a continent, not a country, and George Bush who is president of the most important nation in the world, does not know what the G20 is. Apparently, on October 20, Australian Prime Minister Keven Rudd was talking with President Bush and suggested to ensure the widest possible response, large Asian nations should be invited to a world economic conference, and mentioned, the G20. Bush allegedly responded: “What’s the G20?”

Someone leaked the conversation and now it has become a public relations fiasco for Rudd who is being accused of leaking private conversations with world leaders. Rudd denies Bush ever made the remark and Bush insists he knows how to count to 20 so why is everyone unhappy?

Aussie Rudd Says Hello To Obama-No To Afghanistan

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd extended congratulations to newly elected Barack Obama but also made clear his nation was not going to be sending additional troops to fight in Afghanistan. Rudd responded to reports that Obama was going to make the war in Afghanistan his first priority in the Middle East but noting Australia currently has about 1,000 troops fighting in Afghanistan and there is no doubt there will not be any further increases in the size of that contingent. “We’ve got no plans to increase that(contribution) in the future but of course we look forward to discussing that in the future.”

Rudd said he wanted to forge close working relations with Obama because there was need for the world to work together on issues like global warming and the financial crisis. “I’m convinced we’re going to have a first-class working relationship. His message of hope for America is equally a message of hope for the world.”

Australian Leaders Hail Obama Victory

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd hailed the election of Barack Obama as the fulfillment of Martin Luther King’s dream. “today what America has done is turn that dream into a reality.” He said the victory of Obama was a testament to the strength and maturity of the American people. It is also important to the future of humankind. “The world looks to America for global leadership on the great global challenges of the 21st century.”

Opposition leader, Malcolm Turnbull said Obama’s victory was a defining moment in history. “On behalf of the federal opposition in Australia, I congragulate senator Barack Obama on his historic election victory..”

Australian Catholic Church Not Gay To Gays

Australia’s Archbishop John Bathersbury bluntly informed a church in St. Mary’s South Brisbane Parish it would be closed down if it didn’t cease being so friendly to gays and lesbian people. Bishop Power of Brisbane says, “at times there are a lot of people who can be disillusioned, and it is good if there is a place where they can feel at home.” Most who come to the parish have been excluded from their own churches. Bishop Power of Brisbane expressed a sympathetic view of the situation. “I would have a lot of sympathy for a parish which is reaching out to gay people.”

We are living in the 21st century and churches still are debating an issue which by the end of this century will be regarded as something that all people accept as natural.

Rich Australian Boys Muck Up On Muck Up Day

Wealth in all societies is an invitation to act in bizarre and disorderly ways because there are always parents standing by to assert the power of money. A group of boys attending the exclusive Xavier College in Melbourne, Australia, decided the principal had violated their rights to abuse other students by suspending them for a few days. They decided to declare a “muck-up” which gave them permission to rampage through the streets of Melbourne destroying property and throwing their beer bottles wherever they desired. The boys had been guilty of injuring a fellow student whom they had been bullying for months. Naturally, to the children of power, they had a right to abuse and hurt.

The principal received numerous phone calls from irate parents who were upset he had suspended the boys for three days. Perhaps, the parents had forgotten the world has witnessed boys who had submitted to being bullied decided to take out their anger with guns aimed at fellow students rather than going on a drunken rampage.

One can only imagine the reaction of these parents to a drunken rampage by children whose skins were not white.

Nativist Australian Bigots Oppose Muslim School

A large Islamic school was planned for a rural area outside of Sydney, but it has come into opposition from nativist residents who simply do not want Muslims in their area of the nation. The proposed primary and secondary school is designed to house about 600 Muslim students but neighbors are adamant they do not want the building. An online forum, www.australianidentity.net, open declares that “views, ideas and contributions that are hostile to (an Anglo-Celtic-European-white heritage) are not permitted on it received several postings about the proposed school. Darrin Hodges, of the Australian Protectionist Party, made clear “I will oppose mosques, sex-shops and any developments that undermine Australia’s traditional and family values.”

Ali Roude of the Islamic Council, points out there have been other schools that were built in the area without any parent opposition, and “it would appear that the real concerns and oppositions from locals has little to do with the merit of the project but more to do with general anti-Muslim sentiments.” Bigotry always uncovers a way to deny to minorities what is readily provided for those in the majority. It is the story of humankind.

Are There Limits On Televising Hate?

The Australian government is discussing to what extent should it censor children and adult programs televised by an Hezbollah station which propogates hatred toward Israel and Jews. Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television channel is broadcast from Indonesia and offers a variety of TV programs, many of which are blatantly anti-Jewish or urged support for terrorist groups. Australian Jewish groups are particularly incenses at children program which are used by Hezbollah to engender hatred within children toward Jews. Under Australian law, TV stations are banned from directly recruiting viewers to join terrorist organizations or to fund raise for these groups.

Censorship raises questions as to the extent of freedom of speech. In America, the guideline is whether the speech is equivalent to shouting,”fire” i

Populate Or Perish Warns Catholic Prelate

A prominent Catholic prelate warned the West is facing a crisis caused by failure to produce enough babies which results in non-Christian nations gaining an advantage in the race to see which religious group comes out on top in the baby derby. According to Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, “there is a crisis in the western world. No western country is producing enough babies to keep the population stable, no western country.” He blamed the lack of babies on “an increase in divorce and there is an increase in serial monogamy.” Naturally, the media was blamed for people not getting together to have babies since it persuades youth that the “modern way” is to be single and not have babies.

When in doubt or when lacking an intellectual explanation of a world trend, the normal approach is somehow connecting the problem to the media or what is wrong with young people. Archbishop Prell simply ignores economic factors such as the current situation in America which forces young people to go deeply in debt for college educations. The prospect of raising children whose education places the family in dire economic situations is not particularly an attractive choice for many young people.

Perhaps, hidden in the message is a fear that Muslims are having more children and this will result in the Muslim religion becoming more powerful. We suspect this is the unstated feeling of this talk.

Australia Threatens Welfare Parents

The Australian government is furious at the behavior of welfare parents who refuse to ensure their children will attend school. It is determined to enforce new regulations which wll punish parents who are unwilling or unable to make certain kids are in school. Jenny Macklin, Minister of Families, stated bluntly: “We are saying to parents you have a responsibility to make sure your children attend school regularly.” The government is also considering a new plan which would, in effect, close down many rural areas and force people to move into new locations.

The idea that a government could withdraw welfare payments to parents because of the behavior of children is outrageous. A visit to any program dealing with adolescents on drugs reveals they come from all social economic levels, and being unable to control children is not merely a problem for welfare parents, it is for all those with children in their homes. The issue is not parents, it belongs to schools. The responsibility of schools is ensuring they offer programs which intellectually and emotionally engage children. Parents can help, but if they will not, the school must assume the task.

Australian Court Allows Some Underage Sex

A court in the New South Wales, Australia, ruled if a man honestly believed and could reasonably conclude the girl with whom he was having sex was not underage, then it was a legal action. Until the Australian parliament five years ago changed the law, in NSW it was not an illegal underage sex encounter if the man:
* honestly and reasonably believed their partner was at least 16, the age of consent;
* the partner consented to sex;
* the partner was at least 14 years old.

The High Court ruled in favor of a man convicted of having sex with a girl who was underage. In October, 2004, a fifteen year old girl went out drinking and was assaulted by the defendant an two other males. He was acquitted of sexual assault but convicted of underage sex. The High Court by a six to one vote concluded the defendant honestly believed the girl was not underage and she did not look to be. The Court also noted in the criminal case against CTM he never testified and no one bothered to ask the girl if she had told CTM that she was 16.