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Australian PM Betrays Gays!

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has criticized the previous government of John Howard for failure to stand up for gay rights, but, apparently, the same holds true for his government. Chief Minister John Stanhople launched a scathing attack on the Rudd government for its opposition to the ACT Government’s Civil Unions Bill which recognizes gay and lesbian relationships. The Attorney General said its policy regarding gays and lesbians was based on the national policy platform , “not the views of any particular lobby or group.” Mr. Rudd had previously stated last year his belief gay and lesbian rights should be left to states but now it appears there has been a rather interesting turn around by the Rudd government.

The Australian Christian Lobby issued a statement praising the prime minister for opposing gay marriage. The only bright news from the Rudd government is its decision to remove provisions in existing laws which allow discrimination against gays and lesbians.