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Flash! Aussie Parliament Keeps Lord’s Prayer!

Stock markets all over the world are collapsing, unemployment is impacting millions, there is war and devastation in the Middle East and Pakistan, but the Australian Parliament is determined to keep its focus on what is most important — reciting the Lord’s Prayer to open sessions. The Australian Green Party suggested instead of a Christian prayer, time be set aside for reflection, but the government and the Opposition responded with the reminder, “The Lord’s Prayer has a very important place in the conduct of the parliament program…it provides a non-partisan reaffirmation of our commitment o the common good for the people of Australia.” Of course, Muslims, atheists, Jews, and various other groups don’t adhere to the Lord’s Prayer, but what the heck, isn’t it about time they began to behave like good Christians and say the darn prayer?

Perhaps, if someone in the Australian government could provide a single example how saying the Lord’s Prayer resulted in someone changing a vote because she/he felt it would hurt some Australian. We suspect, MPs vote for lobbyists or benefiting the interest of their constituents. Unfortunately, God is neither a lobbyist or one of their constituents.