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Japan’s Whaling Ships-Caught In The Act!

New pictures reveal the gory reality of Japan’s so called “scientific” whale hunt in the Southern Ocean. The pictures show in stark reality a slaughtered adult mink whale and its calf being hauled aboard a ship. The pictures were not taken by activists who are interested in protecting whales, but by officials of the Kevin Rudd government which then made them available for use throughout the world. The new Australian administration of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is ready and willing to challenge Japanese policies regarding whales. A Japanese official in Tokyo said the pictures were “dangerous emotional propaganda that could cause serious damage to the relationship between our two countries.” Hideki Moronuki, head of the whaling section of Japan’s fishing, insisted, “the fleet is engaged in random sampling” of whales.

It is still unclear exactly what type of “scientific whaling” activities that Japan is doing. It is clear Japanese whaling ships are killing whales. If the truth generates “emotional” feelings, so be it.