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Is Avatar Dangerous To Your Health?

As a life long lover of science fiction and firm believer that aliens are friendly life forms, unlike we Earthians, I welcomed the new Avatar film. However, many people in China find the film dangerous to their health. There are reports of viewers complaining about eye ache, dizziness and even vomiting. A Chinese newspaper reported a middle aged woman wound up in the hospital complaining she was barely able to stand straight after seeing the film. I do not know if this reaction is good or bad news to director James Cameron, but it certainly was not his goal in making the film. Doctors at the Chinese-Japanese Friendship Hospital insist watching a 3 D film is not dangerous to your health. But, says Dr. Wang Wei, “people need to constantly adjust their eye structure” and treat what they view as a real 3D effect.

I often wonder what life forms out there in the universe make of our TV images which are going out into space. I am convinced after watching Earth news reports and TV shows they have decided to steer clear of this strange planet with its exotic and weird life forms. As of this date, I have not received any reports from inhabitants of Avatar as to their reaction to the film.

Is Avatar A Racist Movie?

For some reason, there are people who object to the theme of Avatar and believe it is simply another one of those good white guys saving the benighted life forms of aliens who could not make it through the day without help from Earth. The Internet has been filled with comments from critics who decry a motion picture which has a wonderful white man who pretends he is a 3 meter blue person of the Na’vi tribe on the planet of Pandora in order to infiltrate these ignorant foreigners and persuade them to allow Earth military forces to land and mine a priceless mineral deposit on grounds considered holy by these foreigners.

The next thing we will be told is that there were no WMD in Iraq, a nation that George Bush– a white guy– had to invade in order to halt terrorism! Wow! Would you believe there are people who don’t believe what George Bush or Dick Cheney or Don Rumsfeld claim to be true! Let me make clear, aliens throughout the universe desperately need help from we humans because they have no idea how to louse up their planets with fire, destruction, hatred and violence. Imagine having life forms who actually believe they can live in peace and harmony with nature and fellow life forms!!