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Peace Not A Reality Says Avigdor Lieberman

The awarding of the Nobel Peace prize to Barack Obama has upset many people in the Israel government because they believe the American president will use gaining the Nobel as a weapon in his fight to establish peace in the Middle East. Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told the Israel Radio that a comprehensive peace agreement with Palestinians is “impossible” for the forseeable future and that anyone who hold such crazy ideas “simply does not understand reality.” Lieberman wants to shut down any talks on peace with Palestinians and substitute the policy of doing nothing. In fact, the Israel foreign minister would prefer to loosen ties with the United States and seek new allies in Africa or eastern Europe. He insists Obama’s desire for peace with the Palestinian Authority would only lead to failure, and “disappointment and frustration.”

One can only wonder if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agrees with his own foreign minister or does he have another goal in mind? If Israel does not seek peace in the Middle East then what should be the goals of American foreign policy in the region? Lieberman is off his rocker if he actually believes forging close relations with Russia or African nations will strengthen Israel in the world. Check votes in the UN. In virtually all votes dealing with Israel the overwhelming majority of nations vote against Israel and Russia will never do anything to harm its close relations with Iran and Arab nations.

How did the Israel people ever decide to entrust their destiny with a man who has absolutely not grasp of “reality?”

Along Came Avigdor Lieberman To Spout Lies

The United States of America is currently blessed with such nut cases as the Tea Party fanatics who blame Barack Obama for every problem in the world. We are blessed with Fox News which if it ever encountered a fact would quickly transform it into a lie. We are Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and such illustrious seekers after the truth as Lou Dobbs. Now, along comes the Avigdor Lieberman show from Israel. He is dispatching a coterie of his stooges all over America to spread the “truth,” nothing but the “truth” about his efforts to secure peace in the Middle East.

Among the goals of the “truth mission” is dispelling the idea West Bank settlements are an obstacle to peace. Anyone who believes the west bank settlements are an important step towards peace can please contact me. I have a wonderful bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan you can have for a few shekels. Avigdor Lieberman is to truth as Rush Limbaugh is to honesty.

Do us a favor Mr. Lieberman and keep your stooges and con man at home. There are plenty of gullible Israelis who actually believe you know something about diplomacy. We Americans are Glenn Becked and Bill O’Reilly fatigued.

Avigdor Lieberman-Mouse That Roars!

The history of Israel is replete with outstanding personalities and leaders such as Golda Meier or David Ben-Gurion, but in recent times the quality of leadership appears to have gone into a sharp decline. Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avidgor Lieberman must rank among the most ignorant foreign policy leaders in the world. He blasted President Obama for daring to work for peace in the Middle East. “Bringing President’s dream to fruition in two years, including an overall agreement and a (Palestinian) state is an unrealistic goal.” Spoken like a man who seeks peace and security for Israel.

He went on to blast prior Israel leaders like Olmert and Rabin for wasting valuable time. “One of the foreign ministry’s mistakes was to turn itself into a ministry for Palestinian affairs.” He wants the world to know, “I have not intention of doing that, no plans for obsessive engagement.” Of course, he does not offer a single idea on how to achieve peace with Palestinian leaders. Ben-Gurion must be turning over in his grave.

FM Lieberman Says No To Honest Evaluation

Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told an his nation’s counsul general in Boston, Nadav Tamir to resign because he sent an internal memo to his superiors outlining mistakes being made and the need to become more engaged in the peace process with Palestinians and the United States. According to the mouth who roars nonsense, “If someone is not happy and can’t live with government policy, the way is not to criticise and leak but to resign.” I was under the impression an intelligent government encouraged subordinates to offer critiques and suggest new policies.

On the other hand, Lieberman obviously has nothing but praise for Eli Yishai, the interior minister, who publicly stated “you cannot tell us we must not build within the settlement blocs” and insisted these buildings were necessary for “security, (and)national interests. The proposed buildings he referred to include 3,000 apartments, hotels and sport centers. There is no question Israel needs sport centers for its security.

Anyone who cares about the Israel people should hope they get rid of the Netanyahu government and its chief loud mouth, the thug who now has the position of foreign minister.

Israel Plays Hitler Card To Bored World

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman once again has stirred up anger throughout the world by h is clumsy efforts at what he believes is effective diplomacy. In an attempt to prove Israel has a right to construct apartments in an area of East Jerusalem he ordered Israel diplomats throughout the world to make certain everyone in their country sees a photograph taken in 1941 in which the grand Mufti Amin al-Husseini is shown in the company of Adolf Hitler. This is an attempt to prove since he was deported by the British in 1941 the building he once lived in now belongs to Israel. Of course, the real reason for the picture is to portray Arabs as allies of Hitler during World War II and to justify — what exactly? Unfortunately, the world really doesn’t care in 2009 about a man who is dead and virtually unknown not only in the world, but to most Muslims.

Israel is arguing that Jerusalem was never the capital of an Arab nation. This is factually correct, but present boundaries between Israel and Arabs were created by the UN partition plan and that document places East Jerusalem within Arab territory, not Israeli. All this silliness has done is emphasized the clumsiness of Lieberman as a diplomat and once allowed those who oppose Israel to proclaim when Jews are in trouble, they play the Hitler card. The French foreign ministry summoned Israel’s ambassador to that nation and he was informed “an immediate freeze in settlements, including east Jerusalem is indispensable for preserving the two-state solution.”

Lieberman still does not grasp the job of a foreign minister is to play to the world, not to local Israel politics. The Nazi issue has no place in 2009. Of course, if Arabs wanted to play the Fascist card, they could display photographs of Jewish Italians who were members of Benito Mussolini’s Fascist Party. Hitler and Mussolini are dead, let’s deal with issues of 2009.

Israel Government Descends Into Toilet Politics

Every nation, at one point in time or another, discovers it has an albatross around the neck of its government which projects the exact opposite image that is desired. Israel Foreign Ministe Avigdor Lieberman is vivid proof that human evolution has not occurred. The nation which spawned great leaders such as David Ben-Gurion or Golda Meier now has the Russian born thug and foul mouthed foreign minister at the helm of its foreign affairs. Lieberman has ordered Israel diplomats to circulate a photograph from 1941 which depicts a prominent Muslim cleric together with Adolf Hitler. This is factually correct, there were Muslim clerics who were pro-Nazi including important clerics in Jerusalem. As the Palestinian Authority noted in response to the order, “it’s an old story that has its own circumstances and it doesn’t apply to the present.”

If one seeks to play the “pro-Nazi game,” perhaps Lieberman would like to review the record of Italian Jews, many of whom were members of the Mussolini Fascist party and served in the armed forces as well as government. That was then, the circumstances were different, and this Lieberman story only once again proves he is a disgrace to the Jewish people, to the nation of Israel and to the field of diplomacy. Is this his best argument?

Sarkozy Tells Israel Get Rid Of Schmuck Lieberman!

French President Nicolas Sarkozy told visiting Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the best way to assist Israel in gaining its foreign policy objectives is to fire the racist mouth that roars nonsense, Avigdor Lieberman. Sarkozy said he ordinarily enjoyed meeting foreign ministers when they passed through Paris, but he had absolutely no interest in ever meeting Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. He urged the Israel leader to reach out to former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and form a coalition government that would be able to lead Israel along the path of peace. The words of the French leader were merely those thought but rarely expressed by European leaders who regard Lieberman as ignorant, racist, and unable to conduct himself in a manner conducive to peace.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman was furious to learn what the French president said to the Israeli prime minister. “If the words attributed to the president of France are correct, the interference of a president of a respected state in matters of another democratic state is a grave intolerable thing.”

Of course, insulting Israeli Arabs and calling for their expulsion is simply Avigdor in his most democratic manner.

Avigdor Lieberman Congratulates Himself

For some reason the people of Israel believe at this critical time in the search for peace in the Middle East their nation is best represented by the mouth that roars defiance and hate toward other nations. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman congratulated Israel on its peaceful work and described his nation as “the land of opportunities” and a force for good relations with other nations. The Egyptian government does not wish to have anything to do with this vicious hater until he apologizes for insulting remarks he made about their nation. Palestinians do not trust him, and it is quite clear neither President Obama or Secretary of State Clinton believe this thug should be in charge of foreign affairs of the state of Israel.

It is all well and good to applaud oneself but allowing an individual who has earned the dislike of most nations of the world raises questions as to the thinking of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Why in God’s name did he appoint this incompetent loud mouth to lead his nation’s foreign affairs?

Israel Goes Crazy In Desire For Self Destruction

During the past two decades Israelis have complained their government has no peaceful people to negotiate with on the Palestinian side. They deride Hamas as a violent group bent on the destruction of the state of Israel. However, Israel will most probably have a coalition government which includes Avigdor Lieberman whose idea of compromise is to drive out all Israeli Arabs and to refuse to give up an inch of the West Bank. There are reports he will become the new Foreign Minister of Israel!! He is against a two state solution even though the United States and the European Union have backed such a compromise. The new coalition which will be led by Benjamin Netanyahu has raised the possibility it seeks to destroy Hamas in Gaza.

The world can not accept an Israel government in which Avigdor Lieberman is Foreign Minister. There is only one alternative if this mad man is appointed to such a position of leadership –BOYCOTT ANY AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN GOVERNMENT! The United States and the European Union should refuse to attend any meeting in which Lieberman represents Israel as a foreign minister. It is clear the Israeli people have gone mad due to their fears and seek to embark on a binge of self destructiveness.