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No AWOL Deportations Promise Canadian Leaders

The government of Stephen Harper has cooperated with US authorities in returning AWOL American soldiers to America. However, Liberal and New Democratic politicians promised if the current Harper government falls, they would protect AWOL soldiers from being returned. Liberal Mario Silva said: “To all those brave men and women who have in fact objected to the (Iraq) war we say, bravo. We say welcome, you should be here in Canada.” The House of Commons in Canada passed a resolution in June calling for a cease in returning AWOL men and women to the states.

New Democrat Olivia Chow, emphasized, “we are a nation of compassion and peace. We really should not deport war resisters into American jails.” We sometime forget the brave men and woman who fought in Iraq were sent there because their president lied to them. To lie to men and women who are sent into combat should result in jail time for those who lied.