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Compromise Or Compromise Iran’s Future

The son of late dissident cleric Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri told the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, that his country is wracked by dissension and anger which must end in order to ensure the survival of Iran. “Things can’t go on for long like this. I think the future structure of our society is no so important. It could be an Islamic Republic, a secular republic, or as far as I am concerned, even a monarchy. The main thing is that people can life in freedom and in prosperity.” From his perspective, Iran’s current rulers have lost contact with reality and have no understanding of deep routed anger within society. “I still hope the rulers will come to their senses and make compromises and take the path of national reconciliation. If they don’t, my country will be in a much worse state in one year’s time than it is today.”

Unfortunately, Ayatollah Khamenei and President Ahmadinejad have unleashed the dogs of hate on their own people because they believe truth resides only in their minds. They are true believers and all such people invariably wind up on the dustbin of history.

The Iranian Student Who Came In From The Cold

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was at a meeting with Iranian scientists when he posed a simple question of the audience asking if anyone wanted to pose a question to him. Mahmoud Vahidnia, a young math student, tried to speak but was pushed down. The Ayatollah signaled to officials to allow the young man to speak. First, Mahmoud denounced the media for its biased reporting of demonstrations following the flawed presidential election. However, he went on to criticize the Ayatollah which may constitute about the first time this has happened in decades. “I don’t know why in this country, it’s not allowed to make any kind of criticism of you. In the past tree to five yeas that I have been reading newspapers, I have seen no criticism of you, not even by the assembly of experts(a clerical body with the theoretical power to fire the leader). I feel that if this doesn’t happen this situation will lead to discord and grudge.” But, he did not halt at the point, but went on to ask: “wouldn’t our system have a better chance of preserving itself if we were using more satisfactory methods and limited use of violence only to essential circumstances?”

Some are arguing allowing the student to make these remarks was simply a strategy to show the outside world there was freedom of speech in Iran. We can only wait and see if the Ayatollah is a thin or thick skinned leader.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Denounces Liberal Democracy

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei responded to the financial crisis sweeping the world by insisting it was merely a symbol of the decline and collapse of western liberal democracy. He claimed liberalism in the world was simply following the example of Marxism which collapsed at the end of the twentieth century. “Now, the name of Marxism does not exist, and liberal democracy with all its political, economic, and military power, has been knocked to the ground before the eyes of all the world.” In sharp contrast to western liberalism, argues the Iranian leader, Islamic thought is gaining in power.

Khamenei claimed as Marxism collapsed, liberal democracy found itself without a powerful opponent and embarked on a frenzy of economic activities as well as practicing a unilateral approach to extending its power into Islamic regions of the world. “Today, the false bubble of money has popped in the Western world, and they themselves say that the era of U.S. hegemony has come to an end.”

Unfortunately, the Iranian leader presides over a nation which has an incredibly high unemployment rate, tortures and kills opponents, and has an economy that is is sore need of some old fashioned liberal democracy to jump start it. Democracy is alive and well and will weather this storm just as it will end Bush extremism and militarism.

Iran Religious Leader Says No To Atomic Bomb

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei told visiting UN nuclear officials his country was not interested in deveopment of atomic bombs. “The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly announced that in principle, based on sharia law, it is opposed to the production and use of nuclear weapons.” He told Mohammed ElBaradei who heads the International Atomic Energy Agency it was time for the UN Security Council to cease demanding Iran be attacked for supposedly producing weapons that it has no desire to obtain. ElBaradei assured him Iran has every right “to use nuclear energy for developing the country.”

There have been numerous proposals to resolve this conflict, but, at heart, a major problem is continued inflamatory rhetoric from the Bush administration which apparently is bent on perpetuating a crisis for its own political ends. A new American president might well reach out to Iran and offer genuine negotiations in order to end the ongoing harmful dialogue which has gone on for too many years.