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Jewish McCain Supporters-Have They Forgotten Judaism?

Throughout human history, Jews have figured prominently in the struggle to further the ends of social justice and end war. When Martin Luther King marched, invariably there were Rabbis who walked step by step with him in the struggle to secure equal rights for Negroes, because as long as one person lacks human rights, so do Jews. The New York Times reported an email making the rounds among Jewish voters in Pennsylvania “equates a vote for Senator Barack Obama with the tragic mistake” their Jewish ancestors made in ignoring the rise of Adolf Hitler. the email was sponsored by he Pennsylvania Republican Party’s “Victory 2008″ committee and was signed by several prominent Jews from Pennsylvania.

How any person of the Jewish faith who has an iota of knowledge concerning the Holocaust can equate Senator Obama with the rise of Hitler suggests the individual is ignorant, stupid, or lacks any sense of the meaning of Judaism. It is shocking to think McCain supporters would sink to such a low, vicious and historically inaccurate version of the past and present. Hitler was responsible for the death of six million Jews–exactly how does that figure relate in any way with anything being advocated by Barack Obama?

I find particularly disturbing for Jews in the 21st century to make insulting remarks about Jews in the 1930s and 1940s as having “ignored warning signs.” Of the approximately 800,000 Jews in Germany about 600,000 left before WWII broke out. Most European Jews had no place to flea, and, when a shipload of Jews tried landing in America they were denied the right to enter. Perhaps, these ignorant Jews can explain exactly how Polish or Russian or Hungarian Jews could leave! The war was upon them before they could flee and when they wanted to leave, they had no place of refuge.

The remarks of Republican Jewish McCain supporters continue with distorting the remarks of Bill Ayers. He NEVER SAID he wanted more of 9/11 destruction. He DID SAY the Weathermen could have done more but he was not referring to death and destruction. John McCain and the idiot fool who is his vice president candidate continue lying about the words of Bill Ayers.

Out Of Ideas? — McCain Shouts Fear!

Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan ushered in an era of tax cuts for the wealthy and end government regulations over industry. John McCain entered Congress in that era and was an enthusiastic supporter of the Reagan mantra of the business of America is business. For thirty years this has been fundamental to the belief system of John McCain, but something happened in the past month. At the beginning of September, McCain insisted the economy was in great shape until he changed his mind to announce the economy was in trouble. At the core of John McCain’s belief system is a fervent belief in low taxes on the wealthy and…… It is at this point, confusion reigns. The man who wants government out of the market is now arguing for the government to interfere in the market. The man who wants small government has voted for George Bush ideas that increased the size of government.

John McCain is clueless and bewildered and has concluded the only solution is to shift to the fear approach. Those who lived in the forties and fifties lived during a time when Senator Joseph McCarthy went around America accusing any opponent of being a “communist.” John McCain is going around shouting terrorist. The Bill Ayers attack on Barack Obama is simply Joe McMcCarthyism warmed over. If one accepts the McCain linking of Barack Obama to Bill Ayers because both served on a board, it places into jeopardy any person who served on a not-for-profit board. It is doubtful if anyone checks out the past lives of other members.

With each passing day, John McCain becomes a character in a Shakespeare tragedy who is destined to destroy his honor and himself in the quest for power. Joe McCarthy wound up disgraced and ignored because he pushed the “communist” slogan too far. He reached the point where he was charging the United States army with harboring communists. The first priority in the lives of Americans in 2008 is their economic lives, not the life of Bill Ayers.

Those who live in fear and shout fear are doomed to be destroyed by their own fears.