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Babies For Sale In Nigeria

At a hospital in Enugu, a large city in southern Nigeria, neighbors were confused about the extensive activity in the building late at night when supposedly most patients were asleep. People in the area wondered why there were no patients going in and out of the clinic during the day. Police finally conducted an investigation and discovered the clinic was actually a “factory” which was producing babies for sale. The doctor who ran the clinic offered free abortions to teenagers who were pregnant. The girls were locked up in a room after the baby was born and forced to sign over custody of the child to the clinic which then found someone who wanted to purchase a baby. The girls received about $150 but those purchasing the babies had to pay over $3,000.

Nigerian authorities have long suspected there was a baby selling operation in their nation, but the current situation became apparent when a woman was caught trying to take a baby to Lagos. Several of the girls who were trapped in the scheme reported doctors raped them after they delivered the babies.