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What Is The Real Story About Aafia Siddqui?

The confusing story behind the capture of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui has most probably yet to be completely revealed. Dr. Siddiqui who studied biology at MIT and did doctoral work in neurological sciences at Brandeis University, was allegedly captured in Afghanistan. The official story is she was being detained when she somehow broke away, grabbed a rifle and shot at US soldiers. A senior Pakistani Embassy official visited her in a Brooklyn detention center where he assured the detainee she would be accorded a fair trial. Ms. Siddiqui disappeared after returning to Pakistan in 2003 and subsequently was added to the list by the FBI of dangerous al Qaeda suspects.

The sister of Dr. Siddiqui claims she was innocent of the charges and had been held by US security forces for years as a prisoner. “What a mockery that after five years in detention, Aafia is suddenly discovered in Afghanistan..My sister is innocent and has never been actually accused of any crime.” Dr. Siddiqui was included in a list compiled by Amnesty International in June, 2007, as someone for whom there was “evidence of secret detention by the United States and whose fare and whereabouts reman unknown.” There are reports of a woman held at the Bagram prison who was known as number 650. Several prisoners who were released from Bagram heard the woman crying and she appeared to have lost her mind.

It may well be that Dr. Siddiqui is a notorious terrorist who has been engaged in many dangerous attacks against the Afghanistan government. But, the entire story of her “capture” contains strange aspects. How could a woman grab a rifle from soldiers who were guarding her and then aim it at anyone? Where has she been these past few years? Dr. Siddiqui is entitled to a fair trial and let an impartial jury decide what actually happened in this bizarre story.