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About Time -Cuba Travel Restrictions Reduced

For nearly half a century, American foreign policy towards Cuba has been dictated by a small group of angry Cuban exiles who believe hatred is the basis of policy. Finally, President Obama has announced a change in policy that would lift some travel restrictions. “Restrictions on the families will be lifted” said an official which in effect means Cuban families can be united and the ridiculous policy of banning any interaction with the Cuban nation will end. The bottom line is there is no evidence pretending the Cuban government does not exist has benefited either the United States or the Cuban people. The only prior time Cubans could travel to their native land was during the Carter administration.

Castro remains in power despite American foreign policy. The people of Cuba suffer and there is no evidence boycotting their leaders leads to improved conditions.

American Sanity Toward Cuba?

During the past half century, one American president after the other has allowed a small group of Cuban exiles to dictate policy toward that nation. A Democrat and a Republican have decided to introduce a bill to end the decades old ban on travel to Cuba and restore a semblance of reality to the world of Latin America and the United States. There are an estimated 118 other co-sponsors of the bill which now stands an excellent chance of being adopted. It is estimated about 75,000 Americans either legally or illegally visit Cuba despite efforts by former president Bush to enforce the ban.

Common sense would allow travel to Cuba given there is now legal travel to such communist dictatorships as China and Vietnam. Mel Martinez who represents hard-core Cubans opposing lifting the ban promises to fight against it. The old world is dying and it is now the 21st century. Let’s shine some light of reality on Cuba.