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Bangladesh Denounces Kuwait For Brutalizing Workers

The government of Bangladesh vigorously denounced Kuwait for its abusive treatment of Bangladesh workers in their nation. Kuwait, like most Middle Eastern nations which have oil wealth, has brought into its country hundreds of thousands of workers from Asia who do the dirty jobs and hard physical work that native born Kuwaitis do not enjoy. Thousands of Bangladeshi workers went on strike a few weeks ago demanding improved pay and better working conditions. Over 1,000 were expelled by the Kuwait government. Bangladesh Foreign Minister Aftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury said bluntly, “For the faults of a few, many are being mercilessly deported empty-handed.” Deported workers showed blood stained shirts which was evidence of the brutality they experienced in Kuwait police stations. Most said they were deported without their employers being compelled to pay them wages owed for work done.

About 100,000 Bangladeshis work in Kuwait as cleaners and in low paid jobs, but the money they sent back home(about $8 billion last year) is critically important for many Bangladeshi people. Kuwait refuses to establish minimum standards of pay or working conditions for foreign born workers and the result is most are ill-treated and denied decent wages.