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Finally, the real Barack Obama is showing his true black hearted color in attacking the innocent men of Wall Street who toil day and night for the greater good of the nation. Is it any surprise that a black skinned president is trying to destroy the mainly decent, honest white men who work so hard for so little? As Scott Silvestri of Bank of America put it so clearly, “people want to work here but they want to be paid fairly.” Bank of America will pay its top officials a mere $6.04 million a year and those below them will be earning close to a poverty scale of $2.5 million. Imagine, a brilliant man is forced by the totalitarian government of Barack Obama to get along on a pittance of $2.5 million!! My God, what has happened to the free enterprise system when our brilliant leaders who have performed so heroically over the past two years are now down to pay of a few million.!

Let’s face it, Barack Obama is showing his SOCIALIST IDEOLOGY by forcing America’s financial leaders to get along on less than $100,000,000 a year. Just how does the man in the White House who gets free food and free transportation expect a businessman to get along on a few million when he has to feed his family of four??

I call upon all bankers, financial wizards, accountants and those who toil in the mines of Wall Street to march on Washington D.C. and demand a return to fair wages!!