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Zimbabwe Starves While President Mugabe Procrastinates

Two weeks have passed since an historic agreement was signed in Zimbabwe that allows for a coalition government in order to confront the crisis that engulfed the nation. Millions of people are threatened with starvation but President Mugabe is off in New York to attend a UN meeting and most probably have excellent meals at the top restaurants. Mugabe continues to accept the reality his leadership has failed and endangers the lives of Zimbabweans. Morgan Tsvangirai pleaded with Mugabe to implement the agreement as soon as possible. “We need to respond to this crisis with utmost urgency,” he said. “It is therefore imperative that a government be formed in the next few days and begin to implement a plan that our people have food and do not die of starvation.”

The only immediate action on the part of the Mugabe government is to issue new bank notes which are necessary due to the high rate of inflation. Perhaps, President Mugabe believes people can eat paper currency. This man is a criminal.