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Czech Republic Proposes Banning Communist Party

A proposed bill that would outlaw the Czech communist party as well as Nazi organizations passed the first reading in the Senate. The law is backed by former dissidents and members of the academic community who believe it necessary to prohibit extreme political parties. Senator Jaromir Stetina said the law indicates “that Czech society has finally resolved to cope with its totalitarian past.” Communists argue that citing the words of Karl Marx to justify concluding contemporary communists seek violence violates the very concept of democracy.

This proposed law which revokes the right of people to vote communist because it is feared they might vote incorrectly somehow smacks of totalitarianism. Democracy is predicated on the belief ideas have to circulate freely because one is convinced a majority seek to live in a democratic society. Using undemocratic means to achieve democratic ends only serves to erode democratic rights. I find it unwise to cite the words of a 19th century thinker who had nothing to do with Soviet or Chinese communism. To damn Marx because his followers used totalitarian means is the same as claiming Christ is responsible for the all the evils committed in the name of Christianity.