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We are at CNN Headquarters where the gallant Lou Dobbs continues his fight to expose the impostor who sits in the Oval Office pretending to be the leader of the free world. Yes, Lou Dobbs has been threatened with loss of life by agents of the CIA, he has been warned by agents of the International Jewish Rabbi Alliance (IJRA), but this intrepid fighter for truth, freedom and the American way of life battles on. Finally, due to the work of a brave member of the Boston Police Department, Lou has finally been able to unravel the inability of the Barack Obama administration to produce a valid birth certificate that proves this man from Kenya is really an American.

Due to our close relationship with Lou Dobbs, the MAN OF FREEDOM, we are able to reveal for the first time the true story of the birth certificate fiasco which, most probably, will result in the removal from office of this African creature who was born and raised in the wilds of Africa, not the serene beautiful island of Hawaii. THERE IS NO SUCH PERSON AS BARACK OBAMA, THE MAN!! Listen to the words of Justin Barrett who used them to describe the uncle of Barack Obama, Henry Louis Gates: He is nothing more or less than a “banana-eating jungle monkey.!” Barack Obama is a MONKEY! That is why there is no birth certificate!!

Of course, the liberal media will continue its efforts to foist on the American people a banana eating jungle monkey and claim those like Lou Dobbs who tell the truth are “racists.” Justin Barrett expressed the words of a modern American hero: “I am not a racist, but I am prejudice towards those who are stupid and pretend to stand up and preach for something they claim in freedom!” God Bless you Justin Barrett, you are the real American Hero!

Lou realizes there now is a Constitutional problem that must be resolved. Since “Barack Obama” is a monkey and not a human, can Congress impeach a monkey? If the human Barack Obama never existed can we Constitutionally rid ourselves of that which does not exist?

We urge a special session of Congress to rid the nation of the false team of Obama-Biden and allow the Sarah Palin-John McCain to assume office. A Sarah Palin presidency will restore America to its rightful place in the world, make insurgents drop their weapons, and ensure every American has a well paying job. My only concern is when truth, beauty, and prosperity return to America, what will Lou Dobbs talk about each evening– fishing in Alaska??


The United States of America can be proud to have such fighters for freedom and truth as Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Ann Coulter or Glenn Beck. However, much as these fearless fighters for honesty have brought to the attention of the American people the horrifying truth that the current man sitting in the Oval Office was never qualified to hold that position, this reporter must finally tell the real truth. First of all, there is no such person as “Barack Obama.” It is now clear that over forty years ago, a group of terrorists under the leadership of a young Osama bin Laden decided to hatch a diabolical plot under which al-Qaeda would gain control of America without firing a shot. Osama bin Laden’s father had a child by a western woman who was in his harem and the baby and the woman were sent to Hawaii. She was paid over one million dollars to pretend she had a child by someone from Kenya. Yes, she did place an ad in a Hawaii newspaper about the birth of a son, but there is no evidence any doctor or nurse was able to verify the birth of such son. If her child was born in Hawaii, why can’t we ever find a picture of the birth? American mothers and fathers always take pictures of newborn babies, but for some strange reason no such photos exist of the “Barack Obama” birth. How about defenders of Barack Obama producing a picture, all we ask, is a single photo! If anything I have just written is incorrect, I challenge liberals to produce a single piece of evidence to the contrary.

The boy was named after the sacred rock which is in Mecca and this “Barack Obama” is none other than one of Osama bin Laden’s brothers. Anyone familiar with al-Qaeda knows their secret password is “Amabo” which for some strange reason is the name Obama spelled backwards. Is this a coincidence? I have it on the highest authority that during the summer of 2008, Barack Obama was not seen by anyone for a period of 24 hours. During that time he met with his brother in a brothel in Tel Aviv to discuss policies he would put in place once in power. A third man was at that meeting, and this intrepid reporter can now reveal the name of the Third Man. It was none other than Don Rumsfeld! Employ some logic. The invasion of Iraq in search of WMD was among the most inept, bungled, confused operations in military history. Even the Pentagon could not be that incompetent. Don Rumsfeld planned the entire fiasco from day one to ensure there would be chaos in Iraq and that would serve as a means of rallying Muslims around the world to the banner of Osama bin Laden.

Have you ever wondered why Barack Obama refuses to allow investigations into the Iraq war or to torture? The reason is simple– he knows any investigation would reveal there was an alliance between Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George Bush and Osama bin Laden. They succeeded brilliantly in creating complete chaos in Iraq, an economic meltdown and loss of public support for the Iraq debacle. How else could Osama bin Laden’s brother win the election?

Of course as a final touch to their plan, they sent a hyperactive Big Momma from one of the harems to the state of Alaska where she was given financial support to be elected governor of the state. Let’s be realistic, if John McCain has an intelligent vice presidential candidate the election might well have gone the other way. But, with the boob head doll by his side, McCain guaranteed the election of Osama bin Laden’s brother.

It is now necessary for Rush, Ann, and the other voices of reason to demand a complete investigation into the origin of the war in Iraq. Let’s get at the truth.


It is the year, 1962 and President Kennedy has brought together leaders of the civil rights movement that seeks to end prejudice against Negroes.

“Gentlemen, I appreciate your willingness to come to this meeting. As you all are well aware this country is confronting serious foreign policy issues as the Soviet Union constructs a wall to separate east Germany from the West, Communist China is in turmoil, and the Middle East is in conflict with no hope of ending the Israel-Arab dispute. New reports from Vietnam indicate problems in that region are escalating and this nation will have to decide how to handle growing violence. I know all in this room realize the threat of nuclear war exists in the Cuba issue.
Here at home, as you all know, we are dealing with a recession that requires greater government into the economy. I hope you all understand this administration is committed to the goal of equal rights for Negroes. We will not waver from that goal. But, we must be realistic. This administration can not deal with world conflicts and serious economic stress if we shift the focus to deal with Negro rights. The world could well be on the verge of a serious atomic bomb conflict in Cuba. I must focus attention and resources on those issues. I need the support of Republicans as well as conservative Democrats in order to confront these world issues, and if I allow this administration to get side-tracked with concern over Negro rights, we may well witness the loss of our entire society.
I am asking everyone in this room to set aside for the moment your concerns about civil rights and focus on the major issues facing American society. I realize this will not please anyone in this room, but I must address issues that threaten the very existence of this society.”

I guess President Barack Obama would have given this speech since he does not believe the rights of gays and lesbians can be addressed along with other issues. Somehow, I think if Obama was in that room fifty years ago, he would be arguing that both rights of Negroes and foreign policy could be simultaneously addressed. Thank God, John Kennedy was no Barack Obama!

Israel And Turkey- Obama And Middle East

Ahmet Turan Ayhan, writing in the Turkish newspaper, Zaman, argues an Israel conflict with Turkey is an act of suicide since the Israelis need their friendship with a powerful Muslim nation in the region which has consistently adopted a cooperative attitude towards peace in the Middle East. He believes Barack Obama begins his presidency with the initial problem of undoing the past eight years of Bush that have caused considerable mistrust of the United States by Muslim nations. Among the issues dividing Muslim people and the United States has been the Bush policy of giving unqualified support to Israel even as that nation expanded its territory by seizing land on the West Bank and pushing into east Jerusalem. The Israel belief it could do as it pleases has even caused its friend, Turkey, to turn aside and demand an end of the oppression of Palestinians.

The invasion of Gaza was probably among the most inept blunders on the part of Israel during its entire history. It received the semblance of having accomplished something while the reality was to further antagonize Muslim moderates. Can Barack Obama stand up to the Israel government and fight for a peace that entails ending the West Bank settlements and allowing Muslims a fair share in the governance of Jerusalem?

The Middle East needs American leadership that is fair and balanced. It needs a new policy which reaches out to Iran in a peaceful manner and it requires placing barriers to Israel expansion in Palestinian areas. Can Barack Obama take that leadership role?

Menteng School Graduate US President!

Hundreds of children at the Menteng Elementary School in Central Jakarta were allowed to leave their classes in order to gather around and watch on television results coming in from the United States because they wanted one of their alumni, Barack Obama, to become president of the United States. “Obama, Obama, Obama, we love you!” they shouted as figures came in from abroad. Headmaster Kuswadiya told teacher to suspend classes because this was an historic day for the elementary school which became the only one in the entire world that could boast one of its alumni headed a major nation of the world.

For weeks, every day prior to the beginning of classes, teachers and students have been praying for “Barry” to win the election. As news came that “Barry” had won, the children dashed from the school screaming and yelling with delight. They regarded Barry’s victory as their own and all expressed the hope, “I want Obama to come here so we can talk with him” said Ajo, a fifth grader.

British Guardian– America Did It!

The Guardian, one of Great Britain’s oldest newspapers, expressed its delight “the American people yesterday stood in the eye of history and made an emphatic choice for change for themselves and the world.” It praised Obama’s decision to end division of the nation into blue and red areas, and to come together as Americans. The Guardian says the world will look forward with expectation as to whether there will be a new birth of liberalism, but “what is not open to doubt is that Mr. Obama’s win is a milestone in America’s racial and cultural evolution.” From now on Americans will not be judged on the basis of their skin color.

It warned that Obama confronts serious world problems in the form of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while on the domestic front America must come to grips with a broken healthcare system and serious problems in its economic structure.

“Today is for celebration, for happiness and for reflected human glory. Savour those words: President Barack Obama, America’s hope and, in no small way, ours too.”

What An Obama Victory Means To All Americans

I was born in 1930 at a time when people of my background–east European Jews–inhabited a world characterized by bigotry and prejudice. It was still an era when Irish people were familiar with the famous song, “No Irish Need Apply” and Italians were looked down upon. As a Jew, I could not live in many parts of America due to segregation, I could not obtain certain jobs, and I faced quotas in colleges which made clear only a few of us were welcome. The victory of Barack Obama today is of tremendous importance to all African Americans, but it also symbolizes for those of us who lived in an America which denied equal rights, that the world we knew no longer was. A “President” Obama means for the first time in American history, the old world of bigotry and prejudice is symbolically over.

A victory for Barack Obama means the forces of ignorance and hate are silenced. Imagine having a vice president who believes planet Earth is only 10,000 years old!! Imagine having a vice president who is against the right of women to control their bodies and who regards reading books to be something that “real Americans” simply do not do. Imagine having a vice president who believes there are “real Americans” and there are “the others.” Imagine having a president who is against an intelligent form of national health insurance or the right of workers to organize unions or equity in the workplace for women! Imagine a president who has sold his soul to the forces of right wing bigotry and ignorance!

Barack Obama means Americans can once again hold their heads high because this nation represents something unique in the world, a nation in which, literally, any person can become president. A Barack Obama led nation will forge peace in the Middle East beginning with ending the insanity of the Iraq war. He will reach out to Iran to initiate discussions which are necessary if that nation is to be brought into a new position of leadership for peace in the Middle East. Barack Obama will close infamous Guantanamo prison and restore our nation’s dignity by respecting the rights of people to due process. He will ensure torture is no longer associated with America and our Constitution truly follows the flag.

Barack Obama has inspired the youth of this nation to assume leadership in the fight to create a new society based on the principles of equity for all. His proposal for National Service in exchange for college tuition is revolutionary. I received the G.I. Bill of Rights which revolutionized higher education in America, a National Service Bill will do the same for modern America. He will ensure that ALL Americans have health insurance, he will fight to expand early childhood facilities and create new industries so that eventually we can end dependence on fossil fuels.

A Barack Obama victory represents the birth of a new America. So, get out there and vote, vote, vote today if you care about this nation.

Elect Obama-Take Back America

The election of Barack Obama is necessary if America is to regain those moral values which have been part of this nation for over two hundred years. Bush has done more than lie to the American people and involve the nation in the wrong war at the wrong time against the wrong enemy, his actions have sullied the very fabric of our society. Abu Graib and Guantanamo prison symbolize the essence of what has gone wrong in American society. This nation has allowed its leaders to violate every principle inherent in the Bill of Rights by detaining human beings without filing charges or allowing individuals of a fair trial.

I was born in 1930 at a time when black skinned men and women could not even share a water fountain with those whose skin was white. Negroes(that was the term liberal people used) were denied the ballot, let alone the right to run for public office in the South. The election of Barack Obama sends a message not just to Americans, but to all parts of the world that our society has accepted the principle that all men and women have the right to be part of America as equals in every aspects of our daily lives. It is a message that will allow a young Muslim boy or girl in America to recognize that one day someone of their faith will be president.

The election of Obama is also a message to young people in America who have become quiet over the past few decades and have focused on narcissistic needs rather than public ones. Obama’s promise to provide free college education for those who will devote two years to public service will awaken a new commitment to dealing with societal issues that have long been ignored. For the first time since the eloquence of John F. Kennedy’s call to “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” young people are being challenged to assume leadership roles in dealing with societal problems.

Elect Barack Obama and return this nation to its moral center. Let America once again be a beacon to the world.

Will Barack O’Bama Win Irish Vote?

An Irish band achieved fame by writing a song entitled, “There’s No One As Irish As Barack O’Bama.” They found evidence O’Bama has some ancient Irish blood way back in his heritage. Ger Corrigan of the Nancy Boys claims their song was hijacked by Mary, Francis and Shay Black and want restitution for the use of their song. The Irish group is angry that someone played their song on YouTube and made it appear the Blacks were the composers of this ditty.

We suggest the entire matter be resolved in some nice Irish pub where beer can be the lubricant that not only works out who wrote the song, but is the means by which good Irish people get on with the task of helping their Irish brother, Barack O’Bama get elected. The important thing is the need to get another Irish man in the White House. What better candidate for this goal than a nice Black Irishmen, Barack O’Bama leading the way with a glass of beer in one hand and a nice stick to bang away.

Obama Addresses The Jerusalem Issue

Presidential candidate Barack Obama told a meeting of the Jewish group, AIPAC, he believed Jerusalem must not be allowed to become a divided city. However, yesterday, the Illinois senator backed away from those words and indicted they were “badly phrased.” Obama, during a CNN interview, said: “You know the truth is this was an example of where we had some poor phrasing in the speech and we immediately tried to correct the interpretation that was given. The point we were simply making was that we don’t want barbed wire running through Jerusalem… but it is possible for us to create a Jerusalem that is cohesive and coherent. I was not trying to predetermine what are the essentially final-status issues.”

Obama insists he will not disagree with a two side Jerusalem in which both Israel and Palestinians can call the city its capital. Barack Obama will be visiting Israel in the coming weeks and will make certain he speaks not just with Israel leaders but with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority on July 23.

Obama is correct in stating final decisions concerning the status of Jerusalem are ones that will be made by Israelis and Palestinians, not by candidates for the presidency of the United States. It is time for American political leaders hustling for votes to allow people of the Middle East to decide their own futures.