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Palestinian Leader Marwan Barghouti Urges Resistance To Israel

The government of Israel has a unique ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. For over half a century, Israel has complained there were no Arab leaders willing to negotiate for peace and when people like President Abbas arrive on the scene the Israel government does all in its power to marginalize him. Marwan Barghouti, a powerful Palestinian leader who is serving a life term in jail for his role in the jihad of 2000, told the media from his jail cell that it was time to resist Israel in other than simply talk. He urged competing Palestinian factions such as Hamas and Fatah to unite and engage in a unified program of opposing Israel. “Betting on negotiations alone was never our choice. I have always called for a constructive mix of negotiation, resistance, political, diplomatic and popular action.” He called for a popular campaign to oppose West Bank settlements and to get rid of the wall which impairs movement of Palestinians.

So, one day in the near future, Palestinians will take to the street. There will be suicide bombers and innocent Israelis will die. Naturally, the Israel government will blame “terrorists” and tell the world this is what happens when you attempt to negotiate with Palestinians. Of course, nothing will be said by the deliberate campaign of Prime Minister Netanyahu to block meaningful dialogue for peace. In the end, the innocent on both sides die.

Israel’s Failed Policies In Gaza Aid Hamas

Israel hard liners like Defense Minister Ehud Barak have been aruging for years the only way to end violence is to be more violent than your opponents. Israel has embarked on a policy of assassinations and killings of Hamas leaders in order to destroy its popularity among Gazans. A new survey by the West Bank based Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, shows if new presidential elections were held, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh would receive 47% of the vote compared with 46% for President Abbas. Several months ago, President Abbas had a clear majority of the votes. The survey also discovered Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti, who has been imprisoned, would defeat Haniyeh by 57% to 38%.

There is no evidence any of Israel’s military solutions have been successful other than providing some Israelis satisfaction that murderers have been killed. The military solution does not work. Marwan Barghouti was responsible for the deaths of Israelis, but there is a strong possibility he is now prepared to act in a calm and peaceful manner to achieve creation of a Palestinian state. Many Israelis recoil in shock at the thought that someone with Jewish blood on his hands should be allowed to head a nation. These feelings confronted Irish leaders who hammered out a peace agreement and they were felt by South African leaders who shook hands with Nelson Mandela and accepted the African National Congress despite its terrorist actions.

The bottom line is no evidence exists the Israel policy of an eye for an eye is succeeding.

Is Marwan Barghouti A Possible Palestinian Mandela?

In an interview with Egyptian Daily Star reporter, Mazai Mualen, the Israeli Minister of National Infrastructure, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, raised the dramatic question of whether or not it was time for Israel to consider releasing from jail Marwan Barghouti, the popular leader of Palestinians. Barghouti has been held in jail for several years due to his participation in several murders of Israeli civilians. “I say,” said Eliezer, “there is no need to be alarmed and that it is possible to talk about the possibility of releasing him.” He added that Barghouti may well be the only leader who is respected by both Hamas and Fatah supporters. He argued, “if talking with Barghouti results in him leading the Palestinians tin the direction of making Hamas knuckle under, then that is what counts.”

Minister Eliezer is raising an issue that must be asked, who is the best person to assume the role played by Nelson Mandela in getting two angry opposing sides to bargain in constructive ways? Barghouti was convinced of cold blooded killings and they will remain a stain on him forever. However, there are indications prison life has brought about changes in his views and apparently has persuaded him it is time to adopt realistic solutions in gaining a compromise agreement with Israel. He apparently is the only Palestinian leader who can get Hamas to abandon its terrorism and refusal to recognize Israel. Eliezer is correct in urging taking a gamble because only a gamble offers the best opportunity for peace.