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Russia To USA- How About Cuba Bases For Us!

The imperial presidency of George Bush and his heir apparent, John McCain believes it has the right to impose American will anywhere in the world at anytime and if a nation dares question a US presence near their territory, so much the worse for them. Russia has begun discussions with communist Cuba regarding the possibility of establishing a military base on its soil. According to Cuba expert, Ph il Peters of the Lexington Institute, “Russia is clearly irritated at what it perceives as US meddling in its neighborhood. It seems to be sending a message that if you play on our periphery, we will play in yours.” The Bush decision to establish a missile base in Poland was a provocative action that not only was regarded by Russian authorities as a challenge, but as an insult.

During the Cold War, Cuba received billions of dollars in aid from the Soviet Union, and depended upon such money to maintain its economic vibrancy. Perhaps, Putin talk about bases is merely bluster since Cuba itself might not enjoy becoming caught in a fight between Russia and the United States, but it high lights the danger of a Bush foreign policy that enjoys threatening other nations. We can assume John McCain will soon be shouting, “we are all Cubans!”