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Obama– Are You Listening?

Barack Obama sits in the White House surrounded by a group of men and women, many of whom attended prestigious colleges in America. Last year, instead of focusing on jobs and identifying a few key changes in medical care the brilliant members of his administration decided to save Wall Street and say the hell with average Americans. The result is widespread disarray and confusion among Democrats, but there is scant evidence Barack Obama has yet to get the message. Perhaps, the decision by Senator Evan Bayh to retire rather than defend his Senate seat in 2012 will finally get the President to focus on needs of ordinary Americans rather than his wealthy friends in power. Bayh still retains popularity in Indiana where he won election to the senate in 2006 by a 60% majority. Bayh insists, “my decision was not motivated by political concern.” Hogwash!

Democrats are in for another blood bath similar to what happened in 1994 when Bill Clinton loused up a medical care plan and opened the flood gates for Republicans to gain seats in Congress. Obama still has time to rebuild his coalition, but it requires focusing mainly, ifnot entirely, on jobs for Americans and a few changes in medical care such as not allowing denial for pre-existing conditions.