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Hollywood actress, Annette Bening is currently promoting her new film, “The Kids Are All Right,” in which she co-stars with Julianne Moore. They portray a lesbian couple. In real life, Ms. Bening’s daughter Kathlyn, age 18, has decided to switch sex and become a man. Actually, she has been living as a man and enrolled in college under the name of, Stephen. Ms.Bening and her husband, famous actor Warren Beatty are upset at their daughter’s decision to become a man. On one hand, Warren Beatty has boasted of the thousands of women he allegedly seduced, and, on the other hand, Ms. Bening is pushing a film about a lesbian couple. And, these two supposedly intelligent people are upset that their daughter is sexually divided? Perhaps, Kathlyn would have decided to become a man regardless of who were her parents, but the decision is perfectly understandable given the confusing messages she received throughout her young life.

In one respect or another, our parents influence behavior. We often copy their behavior, we do the opposite or we find some twisted middle ground in order to play our confusion.