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Law And Order In Mugabeland!

Once upon a time in Mugabeland, there lived a man who had the title of being a judge. For some reason, this man thought it was the job of a judge to uphold the law when everyone in Mugabeland knew that a judge upheld the law of Robert Mugabe. Magistrate Livingstone Chipadze received word from a high court that Roy Bennett, a member of the new government of Morgan Tsvangirai, was to be released from jail where he was being held because Robert Mugabe did not like anyone who dared to challenge the right of Robert Mugabe to do as he wished and he did not wish to see Roy Bennett released from jail. After this ignorant judge Chipadze ordered the release on bail for Bennett, he himself was arrested on chargeds that he abused the authority of being a judge by adhering to law.

So, in the world of Mugabeland, the judge who ordered the release of Roy Bennett now finds himself in jail alongside the man he wanted released. This goes to show to all who want to live in Mugabeland that if you are a judge the last thing you want to do is to carry out law and order.

The Fantasy Land Of Chaotic Zimbabwe

It sometimes becomes difficult attempting to explain with any form of rationality what transpires for government in the land of Zimbabwe. The newly installed prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai asked a colleague, Roy Bennett to return from his self imposed exile in order to assume the post of deputy Agriculture Minister since the nation’s farm economy had collapsed. Police decided to arrest Mr. Bennett when he arrived at the airport and initially charged him with treason, but later said he was only guilty of committing terrorism, banditry, and sabotage. There is no rhyme or reason to any of these charges other than showing Prime Minister Tsvangirai that he does not control the country, but its police force is in charge.

How can a government function effectively when its security force behave as though they are not responsible to any government body. We have a situation in which organized chaos rules the land. The economy has collapsed but security officials and the president’s political party do not intend to surrender power. They prefer inhabiting a nation which has an 80% unemployment rate and astronomical inflation rates than working for the people of Zimbabwe.

Mugabe Begins Reign Of Terror On Day One

The unity government which the Southern African Development Community and the African Union has been urging was finally sworn in as the new government of Zimbabwe. Within an hour after placing his tough minded hard liners in positions to control the army and police, the Mugabe security forces arrested a chief aide of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai. Roy Bennett, a white farmer who fled Zimbabwe after his farm was taken and he got into an argument with the Minister of Justice, but was asked by Tsvangirai to assume the post of deputy agricultural minister. The arrest is sending a signal to all members of Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) that Mugabe is the real boss and he has the power including the power to arrest close associates of the new prime minister.

The concept of a unity government is an excellent idea but it requires both parties to cooperate and respect one another. Mugabe has no intention of respecting the rights of members of the MDC and the Bennett arrest is the first warning that the real boss remains the man who insists he is boss– Mugabe.