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Silvio Berlusconi– PM With Golden Touch And Caress

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s vast wealth and media empire has protected him against charges of impropriety or fraud, but there is increasing evidence something was amiss at the lavish parties he held for friends and young ladies on his getaway island. Italian prosecutors investigating a health kickback scandal have interviewed women who claim to have been paid to attend parties at the home of Berlusconi. Patrizia D’Addario, says she has audio and visual evidence about the night she spent at Berlusconi’s residence. The investigation revolves around two brothers, owners of a health company, who received an unusual number of contracts from government sources.

Ms. D’Addario’s main goal was to secure assistance to the health company, not to sleep with anyone. She claims Berlusconi pledged to help her and that he was “a man of his word.” Investigators have tapes in which arranging to pay for women to attend the Berlusconi parties is being discussed.

As someone who will never be a millionaire, let alone a billionaire, it is always confusing why those with vast wealth have to pay anyone to attend their parties. As for the payoffs and contracts, that issue is best left to investigators.

Berlusconi Gaffe On Gaddafi Meeting

The two Romeos of the Mediterranean met in Rome most probably to discuss important issues such as which one has the most contact with women. Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi arrived with his all female body guard, dressed in khaki uniforms and red berets, while Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi gave them a good look over. The Italian leader has been beset with newspaper controversy over photos showing wild parties at the estate of Berlusconi including naked women. Gaddafi also had issues with photographs because on his chest was a photo of the Libyan hero Omar Mukhtar, the “Lion of the Desert” on the day before the Italians hung him. The Libyan lion of the night has arranged to meet with 700 Italian women in a gesture most probably designed to show Berlusconi he can win the the female game.

Berlusconi has apologized for the Italian era of being a colonial power and turned over about $5 billion to Libya. However, many members of parliament will boycott the Gaddafi speech because they do not wish to honor a man who imprisons the opposition and has been known to use torture or executions of those who oppose. There is considerable anger among some Italians of the latest Berlusconi agreement with Libya which allows the Italian navy to intercept asylum seekers and return them to Libya.

Is Nudity In The Eye Of The Beholder?

A Spanish newspaper has published photos of guests at a holiday retreat of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in which women walk around topless and a naked man stands by the swimming pool in a state of sexual anxiety. El Pais, quotes the photographer, Antonello Zappadu as saying “virtually every weekend,” Italian air force flights brought in friends of Berlusconi together with dancers and other media starlets. According to Berlusconi, the photos merely depict “people who are bathing in a private Jacuzzi in a private room.” The naked man, Mirek Topolanek, former prime minister of the Czech Republic admits he is the man by the pool. Of course, this could all be a mistake since, most probably, for Berlusconi, a private Jacuzzi is the size of a private pool.

When in doubt, and when one is subject to attack, the best defense is an offense. Berlusconi told a rally in Milan “it seems as if one is not in an Italian or European city, but in an African city.” He has decided to play the hate immigrant card in order to deflect attacks. It most probably will work. It apparently is working in the Netherlands.

Silvio Is At It Again With Female Issues!

Italy has many issues confronting the nation ranging from the world wide economic crisis to policies in dealing with immigrants, but to the prime minister, Silvio Belusconi, a high priority is the truth concerning his relationship with a beautiful young woman, Noemi Litizia. Is there something symbolic in a European leader bogged down with did he or did he not have a personal relation with a young woman? Silvio’s wife apparently believes there was something not quite kosher in her husband attending a party for the young beauty, but is this mere spite or is it founded in any factual data?

Noemi’s former boy friend, Gino Flaminio insists there was fire and not just smoke in the relationship between his ex-girl friend and the leader of Italy. There are scandals with the British parliament and the prime minister of Italy says he was “tempted” to brief parliament about his personal affairs. When will European leaders get their heads out of the muck of personal vanity and concentrate on the needs of society?

Much Ado About Nothing According To Berlusconi

War in Iraq and Afghanistan, hurricanes, drought, thousands of refugees entering Italy from North Africa but Silvio Berlusconi, the nation’s prime minister, wants to focus on the really important crisis confronting his society –his relations with women! “Now, it’s my turn to speak,” he told reporters and then went on a rambling tirade about left wing critics who were trying to smear his name and his wife who was duped by unscrupulous politicians into believing he was having affairs with young girls and the trials and tribulations of a man who enjoys looking at young girls which he is certain will meet with approval by the Vatican and the Pope. After all, Pope Benedict can’t turn down a young attractive lady who wants to take confession so why can’t Berlusconi offer advice and comfort to the young and afflicted of his nation? For some reason, he appears to be more interested in tales of woe by beautiful young women than those told by Roma men. But, please don’t get the wrong idea, he does love his wife.

The political world needs more leaders such as Silvio Berlusconi, men who are ready at the drop of a slip to plunge into the lives of beautiful women instead of wasting his time dealing with problems created by earthquakes. After all, if George Bush had only spent time with beautiful young girls he never would have run into problems by making remarks concerning Hurricane Katrina.

Out Of Berlusconi’s Mouth Comes More Nonsense!

It is not very difficult to identify the leading spouters of nonsense in the world and certainly, Silvioi Berlusconi, Italy’s prime minister must rank as number one when it comes to opening a mouth and speaking utter inane remarks. The prime minister was discussing the beauty of Rome when he suddenly erupted with a comparison to Finland. “Can you imagine when I was in Finland they took me to see an 18th century wooden church. I remember how important this was to them. We woke up early in the morning and travelled to the church for three hours. Over here(in Italy) such a church would have been bulldozed to the ground.”

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs did an investigation. Berlusconi was never in Finland at the invitation of the government and his only visit was in 1999 when he met with fellow conservatives. They checked his schedule for that visit and found no evidence he had visited any church while in Finland. The conclusion of the Finnish government is that Berlusconi may have confused Iceland with Finland. That is understandable, they both end with the letters, “land.” At least we know the Italian who roars nonsense does not like wooden churches.

Ms. Englaro Dies In Peace

The ongoing mantra of conservatives is their opposition to government intervention in the lives of citizens. According to conservative philosophy, government has no right to interfere in the daily decisions of humans. Of course, when it comes to issues of abortion or the right to die, conservatives switch their line and become advocates of government interference in making decisions for individuals and their families. Eluana Englaro died peacefully in her bed even as the Italian parliament debated taking action to over turn a decision by the Italian Supreme Court to grant her father’s request to allow a peaceful death for his daughter who has been in a coma for seventeen years.

The Vatican issued a statement asking God to “forgive” those who had implemented the father’s decision to end life support for his daughter. The president of Italy refused to go along with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who wanted to ignore the court ruling. Neurologist Giorgio Napolitano said it eloquently: “I am helping a person achieve her own wish, a defenseless person who was betrayed by everyone except her father and a few other people.”

Politics Of Death In Italy

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi never saw a chance to get his name in the paper that was missed. In a situation that resembled the Bush intervention into the case of a husband who wanted to allow his wife to die in peace, the Italian prime minister said he would fight to keep alive Eluana Englaro who has been in a coma for 17 years and her father decided to abide by her desires and to allow his daughter the dignity of death. His request to have feeding tubes turned off was upheld by the Supreme Court of Italy, but the prime minister decided to intervene. He consulted the Vatican which is vehemently opposed to ending feeding for Ms. Englaro and announced to his nation: “this is murder. I would be failing to rescue her. I’m not a Pontius Pilate.”

Prime Minister Berlusconi topped off his weird statements by claiming it is not right to allow the death of the woman who was in a coma because she is still able to have babies! Doctors continue following the Italian Supreme Court decision which allowed the end of feeding. Surely, this is a decision for the family, not the state nor the church.

Ongoing Idiocy of PM Silvio Berlusconi

The one certain prediction that can be made about the government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is he will make another of his stupid and insensitive remarks before the week is over. After a recent series of rape attacks on women in Rome, Berlusconi came up with the solution– place “as many soldiers on the streets as there are pretty girls.” In defense, he argued the comment was simply made to praise the number of pretty girls in Italy. Of course, the idiot prime minister doesn’t know much about the crime of rape. It has nothing to do with the attractiveness of women, and every thing to do with the mental state of the rapist. There is no evidence rapists only single out attractive women.

Berlusconi is now talking about sending up to 30,000 troops onto the streets of Rome to prevent rape. Is it his assumption, the police of Rome for the indefinite future will be supported by thousands of troops? Rape is an act of violence, not an act deriving from seeking sex with an attractive woman. Perhaps, it is time to send Mr. Berlusconi to a psychiatrist and have him obtain information concerning rapists.

African Migrants Head North To Italy

The exodus from Africa to Europe continues to accelerate as thousands of Africans are crossing the Mediterranean in order to reach Italy and the prospect of work. The number of migrants hitting Italy’s southern shores has soared by more than 50% this years and at 33,000 is already 13,000 more than arrived in 2007. At least 500 people never reached Italy because they drowned at sea. Since December 24, at least 2,400 additional people reached the Pelagic islands between Libya and Sicily. Experts on migration believe the large number coming during the midst of winter suggests they are being driven by economic factors which allows smugglers to pile them into aged vessels for the perilous voyage. Italy’s Interior Minister, Roberto Maroni, threatened to fly the migrants back to their homelands, but this seems doubtful in terms of the sheer number arriving and seeking asylum.

Ironically, the Berlusconi government rode to power on the promise of being tough toward migrants and now faces the prospect of dealing with thousands of additional migrants. Many are coming from Libya despite promises by its dictator Gaddafi’s promises to crack down on the smugglers. In the meantime while Berlusconi’s followers denounce newly arrived immigrants, thousands sit in camps or wherever space can be found awaiting news of their futures.