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Should Russia Be In European Union?

Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi raised the question as to whether it was necessary for the European Union to accept Russia into its ranks. “I consider Russia to be a Western country and my plan is for the Russian Federation to be able to become a member of the European Union in the coming years,” proclaimed the controversial Italian leader. Vladmir Chizhov, Russia’s Ambassador to the European Union responded by insisting his nation had no such desire since it was a politcally and economically independent nation. Berlusconi has always been close to Prime Minister Putin and even had him spend time at his villa during the Russian leader’s visit to Italy.

Berlusconi is raising an important issue which eventually will be resolved with Russia entering the European Union as it should enter NATO. Russia has a declining population and is in need of immigrants from other nations in order to deal with important demographic statistics. Accepting Russia would make the European Union the most important economy in the world and would eventually surpass that of the United States. It is common sense for Russia and the EU to unite both politically and economically in order to foster peace and prosperity in the world.

Italian Right Wing Aims At Restricting Muslims

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been promoting a hate Muslim campaign in order to stir fears of those who are different in order to gain political popularity. He now intends to limit the growth of Islam in a nation that has long been regarded as a center of Catholicism by blocking the construction of mosques by imposing strict new building regulations. The anti immigrant Northern League is pushing for a bill which will make difficult construction of new mosques. Berlusconi and the Northern League are counting on growing fear among Christian Italians over newly arrived Muslims. Abdel Hamid Aha’ari, president of the Islamic Cultural Institute of Milan, said “there are still situations where I feel uncomfortable or strange because they(Italians) don’t see me as someone who is integrated” despite the fact of having lived in Italy for seventeen years.

The Northern League has employed childish methods of displaying anti-Muslim feeling such as having Roberto Calderoli, who later became a member of the cabinet, walk his pet pig over a proposed site for a mosque. Northern League MP Andrea Gibelli insists mosques discourage integration and are places of cultural indoctrination and spread terrorism. The proposed bill would ban construction of mosques within a kilometer of a church and oblige imams to speak Italian.

One can only wonder if Rabbis are allowed to serve in a synagogue who do not speak Italian.

Italian Gypsies Being Evicted In Crackdown

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi got elected on his platform of cracking down on crime, and to many Italians that is synonymous with cracking down on Gypsies. A recent order in Rome caused 25 Gypsy families to find themselves placed in a field just outside the city limits of Rome even though Rome’s police chief opposed the order. They were hounded out by police using dogs against the families including women and children. Alessandro, commented: “We work for a living but in a couple of hours everything we had created, relationships we had built with locals over the decades was wiped out.” Most of the 150,000 Gypsies currently in Italy are working people, but prejudice stirred up by right wing haters has destroyed the lives of these innocent inhabitants of Italy.

In Naples, a Gypsy camp was firebombed and throughout the country angry cries of hatred echo against the Gypsy. In Rome, those supporting Gypsy rights marched through the streets including Holocaust survivors. Some Gypsies marched wearing concentration camp uniforms withe the letter “Z” on their chest to signify there were a Gypsy.

The 25 Gypsies described previously are now in a field next to Tor Vrgata University. The Rector of the university has but one question: “When will they be evicted?”

Ironically, all the complaints about Gypsies being lazy or criminal are the same words of hatred uttered against Italian Americans by hate mongers.

Italian Fascists Attack Immigrants

During the recent parliamentary elections in Italy, Silvio Berlusconi and his allies campaigned on a program to act tought toward immgrants and to get rid of them. Last m onths, thousands greeted mayor Gianni Allemanno of Rome with Fascist salutes and a mob firebombed a Gypsy camp near Naples. On Saturday, in a ten minute blitz, a group of between 10 and 20 masked men attacked a food shop owned by an Indian migrant and two stores owned by those from Bangladesh. The Pigneto neighborhood has a reputation for peace co-exitence between people of divergent backgrounds, but the Berlusconi encouragement of anger toward foreigners undoubtedly played a role in fostering this hateful action.

Interior Minister Roberto Marconi of the anti-immigrant Northern league Party which is allied with Berlusconi commented: “Italy is not a racist country. Episodes of this kind are sometimes enflamed by crimes committed by illegal immigrants.” Naturally in Berlusconi Italy, victims are the culprits, not those who assault. Italy lived through twenty-five years of Mussolini Fascism, and it will work its way through this latest ugliness.

Berlusconi-The Garbage Man Prime Minister

Silvio Berlusconi held his first cabinet meeting in Naples as a token of his commitment to solve th city’s perennial problem with garbage collection, and the equally present issue of crime. The cabinet arrived in a city whose roads had been cleaned up overnight in preparation for the arrival of the Prime Minister and the cabinet. Perhaps, Berlusconi has found the perfect solution to garbage collection in Naples, fly in the cabinet every day for meetings in the city and that immediately ends any problems with garbage. Now, if Berlusconi could find an equally simple solution to deal with the Camorra, the Naples version of Sicily’s Mafia, he will definitely fulfill goals of some signs which read “Berlusconi Santo Subito” which translates into immediate sainthood for the mult-millionaire.

The Berlusconi administration approved a package of anti-immigration laws, including making being an illegal, a crime punishable by jail, and ensuring tougher sentences for any illegal who commits a crime. It is strange why a crime which has a punishment would provide for a tougher punishment if the same crime was committted by an illegal immigrant. The new law is simply in accord with the “get tough” image Berlusconi seeks to project.

Strong Man Of Italy Takes Control Like Old Days

In the 1920s, a pompous strutting man seized control over Italy to wide acclaim as he promised effficiency and order. Benito Mussolini is dead, butSilvio Berlusconi has strutted on the stage of power to promise efficiency and order once again for the people of Italy. After three weeks of talks with his pro-Fascist allies and anti-immigrant friends, Berlusconi has announced a new Cabinet that promises to get Italy back on the road to prosperity. In a surprising move, he has appointed four attractive women to important positions within the govenment, undoubtedly, a move to assure the nation not only brains, but beauty will be in charge. Among his appointees is Roberto Calderoli, a Muslim-baiting politicia who once wore a tee-shirt showing one of the Danish cartoons.

“I have five years to change the country,” declared Berlusconi and with his pro-Fascist allies and business leaders, he may well make changes. Of course, the issue is who benefits from the changes and who loses?

Italy Goes Along Political Road To Nowhere

Silvio Berlusconi bought himself another electoral victory in Italy because the nation is simply tired of politicians and decided to go along with a right wing egomaniac as the best of all possible choices. Center-Left leader, Walter Veltroni conceded defeat as his party garned 38.2% of the vote to the victor’s 44.9%. It appears at first glance that Berlusconi will be able to govern without relying on votes from smaller parties, but the confusing pattern of voting in Italy sometimes leads to unexpected results when voting is completed for the lower house of parliament. The Northern League Party, which is allied with Berlusconi, scored a rather impressive showing due to its strident anti-immigrant platform.

One piece of news tht helped doom Veltroni was a European Union report which indicates the Spanish economy has now surpassed that of Italy. The question is whether Berlusconi could stimulate the Italian economy even though the last time in office he failed at that effort. When all is said and done, the Italian people were disgusted by their choices and went for a famous man who has money and could use his control over media to get across his message.

Political Fatigued Italians Reluctantly Vote

For the second time in two years Italian voters went to the polls in a general election whose results they expect will not result in any change in their lives nor of the economy of their nation. In many polling stations there was a dramatic drop in the number of people casing ballots due to a widespread disillusionment with the entire political process of their country. In a rather symbolic act, a voter in the city of Sorrento was arrested because he took the oversize ballot paper, tore it into small pieces and ate it as he said: “All the politicians disgust me, I don’t feel represented by anyone.” He was charged with destorying election materials.

Right wing political leader Silvo Berlusconi, Italy’s richest person, has been blamed by many for failing to reform the nation when he did have a large parlimentary majority a few years ago and is now regarded as another political hack whose only interest is power, not significant economic or social change. His major opponent is center-left Walter Veltroni, the former mayor of Rome who has tried depicting himself as someone who will not get into bickering and fighting over power. Most political observers regard the race as tight, but also note none of the candidates really wants to address key issues such as the low rate of economic development and the growing social crisis arising from poverty and increased immigration.

As a voter told reporters, “Both Berlusconi and Prodi were elected with the hope tht they would do something to turn the country aroound, but where do we go from there? It’s a mess.”

Silvio Berlusconi, Would Be Strong Man, Launches New Italian Party

Silvio Berlusconi stunned the italian nation by dissolving the largest political party, Forza Italia, in order to form a new political organization. Italy’s richest man who controls large segments of the media told his supporters, “The time has come. today a great new party is officially born. the people are ahead of us and they demand it. Cast away hesitation and fear. Enough of wig-wearers and professional politicians. We have collected seven and a half million signatures and only half of those come from supporters of Forza Italia. That’s the demonstration that there is no reason to wait any longer.” Berlusconi has been working for over a year to bring down the government of Romano Prodi which defeated him in 2006. Berlusconi is attempting a huge public relations pitch to create a sense that Italy is headed toward some disastrous future and only a strong man like himself can save it. This attitude comes across as resembling the Benito Mussolini march on Rome in the twenties which paved the way for the man with a big mouth to become dictator of Italy.

The last thing Italy needs is another strong man type leader who will use his control over the media to ensure a permanent victory for his political party. Even the Fascist party has rejected Berlusconi, but he remains dangerous since he has TV and newspapers to propogate his views.