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Bill Bennett is regarded by the Republican Party as among its leading intellectual leaders and talk shows continually inviting this man with limited intelligence to demonstrate his profound ideas. He was asked the other night about American foreign policy towards Iran and the mouth that so enjoys hearing the sound of his own words responded with among the most pertinent comments Republicans could ever utter. He condemned President Obama for failing to support the reform protestors in Iran and was asked exactly what could be done for them. Mr. Bennett, a former college professor and former Secretary of Education who continually decries the ineptitude of classroom teachers responded with these words of advice: Obama should send phone cards and Xerox machines to Iran to help reformers get the word out!!

Gee, Mr. Bennett, most American students lack your profundity. Could you please explain to them exactly how America can send Xerox machines and phone cards to Iran. OH, I got it. American planes will fly over Iran and drop Xerox machines in the streets of every community and then send phone cards.

If the Republican Party is reduced to this nut case as their intellectual leader we can expect no Republican to be elected president until 2050. Until then, all Republicans should be saving their Xerox machines and purchasing phone cards to send abroad to defeat terrorism.