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Who Said What About Anything In N. Korea?

For some reason there are people in the United States who enjoy hiking on the borders of nations with whom their country has strained relations. Not only do they hike, but they enjoy getting as close to the border as they can, if not actually walking into North Korea or Iran. Two American journalists, Laura Ling and Euana Lee, wandered into North Korea and found themselves in a courtroom where they were sentenced to years in a labor camp. Fortunately for them, former president Bill Clinton and his sidekick, Al Gore, hopped on a plane and went to North Korea where they negotiated the release of the two women.

North Korean leader, Kim Jong il has been completely erratic the past several months. Perhaps, it stems from his failing health or it could simply be a plan of action to create turmoil which would result in other nations catering to his whims. The state-run news agency of North Korea insists Clinton apologized, he insists no apology was given. North Korea claims Clinton brought a message from President Obama, but Bill insists all he did was use his charm to persuade the head nut case of North Korea to free the women.

By the way, what exactly is the problem with making an apology or bringing words from the president of the United States? Ah, the crime of “weakness!”

Bill Clinton Says Nice Nice About Palin

Bill Clinton disagreed with those who make disparaging remarks concerning Sarah Palin as a vice president candidate. “I come from Arkansas…. People look at her, and they say, ‘all those kids… something that happens in everybody’s family. I’m glad she loves her daughter and is not ashamed of her.” Clinton believes voters believe Palin is just like they are, a woman with “wonderful children.” “My view,” said Clinton, “why say, ever, anything bad about a person? Why don’t we like them and celebrate them and be happy for her elevation to the ticket?”

Former President Bill Clinton often enjoys coming across as just one of the ordinary people in America and his words concerning Sarah Palin are pleasant ones. It really would not matter if Palin was your neighbor, the one who has a daily cup of coffee and talks about the kids. But, Sarah Palin, if elected might be the one who is making decisions regarding atomic war or the economic situation in America. Tell me, President Clinton, would you sleep peacefully knowing this nice lady was making those decisions? We are not talking about the PTA president, we are discussing the possible future of humanity. Of course, we must be critical of Sarah Palin because she has absolutely no knowledge or understanding of world affairs, let alone the American economy.

Bill Clinton Hears Fat Lady Singing In Distance

Former president Bill Clinton campaigning for his wife in South Dakota uttered a wistful comment about the future of her bid for the presidential nomination by saying, “this may be the last day I’m involved in a campaign of this kind.” The politically astute man from Arkansas may well have heard the proverbial fat lady’s voice echoing in the distance as the opera commences its final moments of performance. After tonight, Senator Barack Omba will undoubtedly have sufficient votes to take him over the fifty percent margin and ensure his triumph at the Democratic convention. However, Senator Hillary Clinton’s tough minded supporter, Harold Ickes, pointed out in a campaign in which over 4,000 delegates have the power to decide who wins, a margin of 150 votes reflects ” a dead heat.”

Unfortunately, for Ickes and Hillary Clinton it makes no difference if it is 150 or five or one, because in the end, whoever has a majority wins the battle. The most important issue confronting Hillary Clinto is how she will pack up the end of campaigning and join together with Barack Obama to win the November election. If she pursues the fight right up to the convention, she may come across as a hero to many women, but she will have destroyed her career in the US Senate by antagonizing every Democratic member of that body. They will never forgive her if John McCain wins.

Hillary Clinton has many years ahead of her to put her mark on history. Ted Kennedy was forced to abandon his presidential ambitions in the 1980s and went on to an illustrious career in the Senate. The same is possible for Hillary Clinton.

Clintons Stand Tall– For Themselves

The ongoing saga of the Clintons, which has been playing in American life for nearly two decades, apparently has another few decades to perform its comedy and tragedy. I twice voted for Bill Clinton and voted for Hillary Clinton as the US senator from New York. I have no regrets for any of these votes, but, today, find myself, like millions of Americans wondering if the Clintons have ever once thought about what is best for this nation. Senator Clinton insists she represnts a revolutionary moment in American history that must be continued regardless of what happens to her party or the nation. Her supporters say the senator has been viciously attacked and subjected to male chauvinistic prejudice and only by remaining in the primary fight can she make clear to male bigots that voices of females will not be silenced.

Let’s examine the record. In most state primaries, Senator Clinton has won more white male votes than her opponent which for some reason translates into male chauvinistic behavior. Perhaps, if she was unable to obtain many male votes, there might be justification for the charge of male prejudice, but that is not the case. Her supporters insist Barack Obama has made anti-female remarks but few, if any, are produced to support the allegations. However, her unrelenting attack on Obama has undoubtedly damaged his candidacy and assisted McCain. Do her supporters forget her remark that both she and McCain had the most experience in foreign policy?

Senator Hillary Clinton claims her candidacy represents an important moment in history for women. In a sense, she is absolutely correct. But, the “moment” is not really about her candidacy, but about what’s important for women. If John McCain wins the presidency, he will appoint at least two anti-abortion supreme court justices which would result in the end of abortion rights for women. John McCain will do nothing to further health insurance nor fight for child care nor fight to end sexual harassment at work, all things that impact women in the moment. McCain will not fight for decent wages for those struggling to survive, and since women have lower wages than men, this impacts them in the moment. McCain will continue appointing pro-business anti-human rights people to government agencies which translates into damaging the welfare of poor people, and this is not only happening in the present moment but will continue into future moments.

Never once has Senator Clinton considered that her continued involvement in the primary campaign is damaging the rights of women now, in the present moment. Bill Clinton was the one who gutted the welfare program that benefited poor people, a high percent of whom were female. His arrogant behavior as president was A factor– not THE- factor in Bush’s triumph in 2000. The Clinton fiasco with health care in 1993 hurt all Americans, and certainly impacted poor women. It is now forgotten there was a majority in 1993 in Congress to support health care, but the bungling arrogant approach of the Clintons killed that possibility.

Senator Clinton doesn’t have a clue about the greatness of Ted Kennedy. He lost his opportunity to become president due to personal behavior, and then set about to make himself a record in the US Senate as one of the great senators in American history. She has a similar opportunity, but unlike Ted Kennedy whose family tradition focused on public service for the nation, the New York senator is only concerned about her ego. Hillary Clinton is not a demon, she is not evil, she is simply a tragic figure who never placed the nation before her own interests. In a sense, both Hillary and Bill belong in a tragic Shakespeare play about the misuse of power.

What Makes Hillary Run?

The results are in from North Carolina and Indiana, but vote tallies do not appear to impact the thinking of Hillary Clinton if her comments today can be accepted at face value. She insists the fight is gong on until a “nominee is chosen.” Just about every political pundit and analyist has expressed the view her campaign is over, but the senator from New York is battling like some distored Rocky caricature in hope she can rise from the canvas and knock out Barack Obama. What makes her continue running-is it ambition, her ego, her need to be in the limelight?

If the life story of the Clintons has any bearing on her current desire to fight on to the convention floor and, in so doing, antagonize the entire Democratic party, it suggests both Bill and Hillary contain aspects of a self destructive personality. Obviously, using expressions such as “self destructive personality” opens one to the charge of throwing around pop psychology and cliches. How else to explain a president who conducts a sex affair in the White House? How else to explain a candidate who is mathematically out of the running for president but continues the good fight?

The anger, the vituperation, the anger, the recasting of personality in order to present herself as a working class girl who rose from the streets to attend an Ivy League institution when she could spare time from hunting and fishing. Hillary Clinton with each passing day offers a portrait of frenzied behavior, and hostility to Obama which comes across as fury toward one who stole her chance to become president.

Whatever makes Hillary Clinton run it certainly is not driven by loyalty to the Democratic party or to interests and needs of the American people. Hillary Clinton can transform herself into a figure who will go down in history, not as the first female president, but as one who stepped aside in order to ensure this nation had a new birth of freedom and peace. A great leader runs for the people, not for self.

Oh Billy Boy-Get Some Sleep!

Senator Hillary Clinton admitted on Face the Nation that her husband’s hard-hitting campaign tactics had gone overboard but chalked up his erratic behavior to love and lack of a good night’s sleep. “You know, my husband has such a great commitment to me and to my campaign, he loves me just like, you know, husbands and wives get out there and work on each other’s behalf.” She admitted tensions of the tight race for the candidacy of the Dmocratic party had resulted in “maybe he got a little carried away.” She blamed “sleep deprivation” for his comments concerning Barack Obama and defended Bill Clinton’s role in working for the rights of African Americans.

Barack Obama’s victory speech in South Carolina, responded to the attacks of Bill Clinton by noting relics of the past are “fighting back with everything its got, with the same old tactics that divide and distract us from solving the problems people face.” Bill Clinton simply has lost contact with the world of 2008. Democrats today want someone with a vision for America that unites rather than separates people. They are no more interested in the skin color of a person anymore than who people sleep around with in the privacy of their homes.

Turkey Leans To Hillary, Sorry Barack!

Accordng to the Turkish Daily News, most of their nation’s diplomats and high-level offiicials “generally favor leading candidate Senator Hillyary Clinton over her chief rival Senator Barack Obama.” Many Turkish leaders regard the 1990s under President Bill Clinton as the highest point in positive US-Turkish relations over the past four decades. They fear Barack Obama represents a figure who wants “change” and there is uncertainty regarding exactly what change he would seek in relations with Turkey. They are all worried about Obama’s foreign policy figures such as Samantha Power, an academic on ‘genocide.’ who is regarded as having unfavorable views toward Turkey. Since Hillary Clinton’s advisers date from her husband’s era, they are viewed as being more positive toward Turkey.

Part of the difficulty for Turkey in evaluating benefits or deficits of a new American president is viewing the issue through the lens of the Armenian genocide controversy. Hillary Clinton did sign on the Senate resolution about the Armenian genocide and Barack Obama did send a letter to Bush a few years ago raising the issue. However, neither is really known as a firm advocate of the issue and will most probably cast it to the side as a major issue if elected president. Turkish leaders too frequently ignore the real impact in America of the Armenian issue. It is a minor topic for American political leaders and they usually sign on to resolutions to please a few constitutents, but would not expend political energy on the topic.