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North Korea Wants To Talk With USA

There are times when it is difficult to decipher exactly what are the goals of the United States and other nations in regard to North Korea. The United States insists it wishes to enter into negotiations with North Korea but only on condition that other nations also participate in such talks. Bill Richardson who has served in many diplomatic discussions, said North Korea is ready to have discussions with the United States but they want the talks to be one-on-one. “They want a new format. And, the format they want is direct talks with the United States. Now, maybe a compromise might be some kind of direct talks within the six party format. But, again, this is something that diplomats should negotiate.”

The United States insists it will only talk with North Korea within a six nation context. Richardson has just concluded two days of talks with senior North Korean diplomats. Step one is getting engaged in discussions with North Korea. Step two will come at the time when step one has progressed. Without a step one, there can never be a step two. As Winston Churchill so eloquently put it: “Jaw, jaw, not war, war.”