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Israel Nightmare– A Binational Sate?

The Israel government has been playing the West Bank card for years using the argument it must be settled in order to provide their nation a barrier against attack. In adopting this stance, Israel has presented Palestinians with a dilemma, if they accept the loss of a good part of the West Bank, the Palestinian state that will emerge lacks coherence. Senior Palestinian negotiator, Ahmed Qurela, said if Israel continues being stubborn and refuses to evacuate the West Bank and restore 1967 boundaries, the Palestinians will simply abandon their desire for an independent nation and become part of Israel. “If Israel continues to oppose making this(a Palestinian state) a reality, then the Palestinian people and its leadership (would be) one state, a binational state.”

Given the higher birth rate among Palestinians, it would take one, or at the most two generations, for the state of Israel to contain a population in which Muslims were the majority. Somehow, one doubts this is the end goal of the people of Israel. During the 1930s, many Jewish leaders discussed with Arabs the concept of a binational state and eventually abandoned the idea due to fears Jews would become a minority. Is it time for Israel to accept the reality of 1967 borders or gamble on what will happen in a binational state?