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Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Qatar, Gulf Times: ‘Love Jihad”
This is one Jihad that could use a Jewish member.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: :Major Species Face Extinction”
I guess we humans don’t have much time before we leave center stage.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post; “Virginity Tests Worry Social Workers
I didn’t know you had to be a virgin to work in Danish social work agencies.

Sweden, The Local: “Couple Can Name Son-Q”
Gee, I’m glad that major issue has been resolved.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “MP Rant-Don’t You Know Who I Am?”
Yes, we do– a schmuck!

UK, The Independent: “Guinea Will Investigate Massacre”
That’s like asking the wolves to investigate the killing of the chickens.

UAE, Khalleej Times: “Environmental Agency Abolished”
This is a major blow to end global warming?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Health Business Thrives”
Sounds unhealthy to me.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Nova Scotia Bishop Faces Porn Charges”
It gets mighty cold up there in the winter.