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What’s Going On With Blackwater Massacre Case?

From all accounts the events that happened in Nisoor Square in Baghdad in 2007 when guards working for the Blackwater corporation opened fire on Iraqis and killed 17 it was evident there was no ambush and the guards over-reacted. Initial investigation of the events led the State Department to cancel contracts with Blackwater Security for its work in protecting government officials. The Justice Department announced yesterday it was dropping its case against one of the guards, Nicholas Slatten, but did not explain the reasons for the decision. The Iraqi people are observing this case in order to learn if the American judicial system will actually convict those who kill innocent Iraqi civilians. Prosecutors filed the request in such a manner as to allow charges to be filed at a future date.

After the shooting some guards spoke to investigators and there is the possibility they were granted immunity in exchange for testimony. If so, this raises questions as to whether the trial will result in conviction of anyone. Ironically, one of the guards pleaded guilty. But, then again, the seventeen killed were only Iraqis!